MS Office 2013 Product Key 2024: Serial Number For Microsoft Office 2013 License

Finding Out Your Microsoft Product Key for Office 2013

If you have installed MS Office then probably you are stuck at the entering serial number. But don’t worry ! you do not need to buy product keys because we are providing keys by collecting from various and genuine sources and from some forums.

ms office 2013 free product keyThe Microsoft Office 2013 like all the other versions of Office and other programs do require the user to put in a unique product key. This needs to be done while the installation process is going on. This acts as proof that the user owns the particular software. Now what needs to be looked into is the fact that what if, the user wants to re-install the program but have managed to lose the installation code which is of 25 digits. Instead of just looking at the user can become familiar with product keys. If the user is familiar with product keys and their working mechanism then, they can assume that the Microsoft Office 2013 product key will be encrypted, stored in the Windows registry. The process is similar to the older versions of Office and other similar programs.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has now changed the way they handle the Office product keys. In Office 2013, Microsoft has stored only a part of the key on the local computer. In this scenario, the product key finders are not quite as helpful as they are supposed to be. It is important to note, however, that the following will work if the user is just looking for the product key related to one member of the Office 2013 suite. This includes Microsoft Excel as well as Microsoft Word. It also includes the key for an entire suite. Some examples include Office Professional in 2013 versions, Office Home and Student, Office Business and Home. Now let us look into the steps which are required for digging up the lost Microsoft Office 2013 product key.

Microsoft Office 2013 Product Keys 2024

There are 2 Ways to activate your MS Office 2013

  1. Buy Serial Number / License Key From Official Microsoft Store
  2. Use Below Given Product Keys And Activate Your License Of MS Office 2013

1) Buy License Key / Product Key Of Ms office 2013 From Microsoft Store

If you want to buy a license of ms office 2013 then you can go to the ms store. to buy the license you need to open this link. After doing the payment of the product you will get the download option. From there download the files and run msoffice2013.exe. now click on install button and agree for all terms and condition. Then the installation will ask for product key which you could find in the registered email address in Microsoft account. Open mail and copy That License Key / serial number and click on activate ms office 2013.

2) Use Below Given MS Office 2013 Product Keys 

If you don’t want to purchase ms office license then you could use this second way to activate your ms office 2013. First of all download ms office from anywhere on the internet like filehippo and follow the instructions while you are installing it. Then when it’s asking for license key then enter below given product key there from the list and click on activate ms office button. That’s it!

If you find that any of the below-given activation keys is not working then you could tell us via comment section. There are too many keys we have and we are updating it daily.

Free serial number of ms office 2013

Best ways to go about finding Ms. Office 2013 Genuine product key

  • Find your MS Office 2013 License key in your documentation or email: One of the best ways to go about finding your lost Microsoft Office 2013 Serial Number is by looking into your email or documentation. If the user has purchased Microsoft Office 2013 in the box which contains a disk or even as a product card that can be got from a retail store then, the product key will be included in the physical purchase. This basically means that the product key will be on a sticker, or in a manual, or in the disk sleeve or in the product card. If the user has purchased any of these versions of Microsoft online then the product key will be stored in the user’s Microsoft online account. They may even find the key in their email receipt.

In case that the Office 2013 came pre-installed on the user’s computer when they purchased it then the product key will be printed on the holographic sticker that is attached to their computers. It is pertinent to know that the user should use the Office Product key and not by accident use the Windows product key which is also available on the sticker. There is one thing, however, that might help the user if they have brought their Office online. As mentioned earlier that the product key finder will not help the user in finding out their product key for Office 2013, some will, however, locate the last 5 digits. The steps involved in doing this include:

  1. The first step that is involved while trying to get the Microsoft 2013 Activation key is by downloading Belarc Advisor. This particular program is considered to be one of the better system information programs that are out there. It works much better as a key product key finder.
  2. After downloading Belarc Advisor the next step that is involved is by installing this particular program and then running it. It is pertinent to know that the program does take some time to find out all of the information that is available on the user’s computer. This also includes the last part of the user’s Office Product key.
  3. The third step that is involved after installing the Belarc Advisor is that the user needs to click or tap on the software license’s link that is present on the left margin of Belarc Advisor computer profile Windows browser.
  4. The next step involves the user looking for their Microsoft Office 2013 as mentioned on the list. A helpful tip to remember is that Belarc Advisor does list the exact program name or suite here. Thus, if the user is looking for Word 2013 then all they need to do is look for Microsoft Office Word 2013. If the user has a full-blown suite then they look into Office Professional Plus 2013.
  5. The next step deals with the user looking at the series of number that is followed by (key: ends with AB1CD). The five characters whatever they might be are considered to be the five final characters of the user’s valid Office 2013 product key. It is important to note that the characters that are prior to the sentence are not the product key. It should be mentioned that Belarc Advisor is not capable of finding the complete product key for all these versions. The reason for this is it doesn’t exist on the computer unlike the other previous versions of Office.
  6. Now that the user has the final Office key, they can search for the string of characters in their computer and email. Hopefully, this will surface any digital documentation they may have on the purchase. This trick is however not helpful if the user does not have a digital paper trail of their Office purchase.

MS Office 2013 Free Product Keys List: Working Serial Numbers to Activate License

Office 2013 Professional Plus YC7DK-G2NP3-2QQC3-J6H88-GVGXT
Office 2013 Standard KBKQT-2NMXY-JJWGP-M62JB-92CD4
Project 2013 Professional FDFTT-7HMH6-2EGX9-M337T-2342K
Project 2013 Standard 6NTH3-CW976-3G3Y2-JK3TX-8QHTT
Visio 2013 Professional C2FG9-N6J68-HHDTJ-BW3QX-RM3B3
Visio 2013 Standard J48J2-4NKBF-W2HMG-DBMJC-PGWR7
Access 2013 NG2JY-H4JBT-HHXYP-78QH9-4JM2D
InfoPath 2013 DKT8B-N7VXH-D963P-Q4PHY-F8894
Lync 2013 2MG3G-3BNTT-3MFW9-KDQW3-TCK7R
OneNote 2013 TGN6P-8MMBC-37P2F-XHXXK-P34VW
Outlook 2013 QPN8Q-BJHWJ-334K3-93TGY-2PMBT
PowerPoint 2013 4NT99-8RJFH-Q2VDH-KYG2C-4RD4F
Publisher 2013 PN2WF-29DFH-T9HJ7-JQPJR-FEBK4
Word 2013 6Q7VD-NJ9JD-WJ2VH-88V73-8HBJ7


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MS Office 2013 Free License Key






Working Keys For MS Office 2013






MS Office 2013 Professional Plus Product key Free 






MS Office 2013 Product Key Free Download




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key

1. What is the product key for Microsoft Office 2013?

The product key of Microsoft office 2013 is full of desktop programs and servers. The good thing about it that it is not just for the windows, but for Mac OS X also. This brand new office system comes with the updated version of Word, Outlook, Excel and all the other important programs. If we ignore a few of the drawbacks, this new and updated key helps in making difficult things easy in the system. It could be used for managing documents and other different purposes. The office professional product key 2013 is G2NP-2QQC3-J6H88-GVGXT-YC7DK and the standard product key is 2NMXY-JJWGP-M62JB-92CD4-KBKQT. 

2. How do I activate my Microsoft Office 2013?

Here are the steps that you need to follow to activate your Microsoft Office 2013 program. 

  1. The very first thing that you need to do is to open an office in 2013. 
  2. After that, click the file tab.
  3. Options will pop up on your screen. Select the account and then click activate the product. 
  4. Select “I want to activate the software by telephone” and then click next. 
  5. After you have selected the country and region from the drop-down menu, you are done and the account will be activated. 

3. How do I get a free product key for Microsoft Office 2013?

Getting the free product key for Microsoft Office 2013 is not that difficult. First of all, you need to find this. If you don’t have any idea about the free product key, then you can do a quick research about it. In normal words, it is an important thing for the activation of any particular OS. In this particular case, you can simply go to the internet and then can search for the product key over there. There are a lot of websites that provide these keys for free. If for some reason, you are not able to get it, you can directly purchase it from the official website of Microsoft. 

4. Where do I enter the product key for Microsoft Office 2013?

Entering the product key for the activation of an OS is the final step. You need to follow a few things before that and all of them are mentioned below. 

  1. From the menu, open the programs and features tab. There would be a lot of options here, but you need to choose only this. 
  2. After that, you need to go to the programs. We are here talking about Office 2013. So, you need to click on that. 
  3. Once that is done, you will get a lot of options. Out of these options, you need to select, enter the product key and then enter the final key. 

5. How do I download Microsoft Office 2013 with a product key?

Here are the steps that you need to follow if you want to download or activate the office in 2013 on your computer, with the help of product keys. 

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to find the product key for activation. There are a lot of websites where you can find them. 
  2. After you have found the product key, copy that and create a new text file. 
  3. Now, make a new text file and copy the key again. You need to click on the “save as” to save the file. 
  4. Click the right button of the mouse and select the “run as administrator option”. You are done. 

6. How do I find the license key for Office 2013?

There could be several methods to find the license key or the product key for the Office 2013. One of them is mentioned below. The steps to find the product key for Office 2013 through Registry are as follows:

  1. Go to start menu
  2. Click on Run option
  3. Then type “Regedit’ in the dialogue box and then press enter
  4. In the next step, you need to expand the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE”
  5. Then go to software option and select the Microsoft option
  6. You will find ‘office’ over there
  7. Expand the office option 
  8. Go to 12.0 option there and then go to the registration
  9. Choose the string numbers from the registration 
  10. You will find a product ID from there

7. How do I activate my Office 2013 product key?

It is not a difficult task to activate the product key once it is installed. So before you go for the activation of the product key make sure you have installed it properly. The steps for the activation are as follows:

  1. Uninstall the older version of office from your system
  2. Download the new Microsoft office professional plus 2013
  3. Run the program to install it
  4. You can use any product key to activate the office 2013
  5. You just need to copy 1 of the product key to the registration box for activation
  6. Then go to the activation wizard and choose the phone activation option and choose the country as per your choice
  7. Press activate or enter to complete the step 

8. How do I activate the unlicensed Office 2013?

Following are the steps to activate the unlicensed office 2013:

  1. You need to check that all the other programs in the system are closed so that the scripts run properly 
  2. As an administration, you need to open the command prompt 
  3. Then you need to navigate the installation folder for office that is: %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office\Office15\
  4. Then run the script to activate the unlicensed office 2013 version

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