How to Delete Multiple Slides In Google Slides: A Useful Guide For 2024

How to Delete Multiple Slides In Google Slides

When we create Google slides for presentations, we create multiple unwanted slides. We need an efficient slight presentation to create a captivating lecture or dynamic pitch. Google Slides has become recently popular because of its amazing templates and the ease of creating presentations. Google Slides provides multiple features and one such amazing feature is the … Read more

How To Fix “WiFi doesn’t have a valid IP Configuration Windows 10” – 10 Solutions Guide for 2024

Fix Wifi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration windows 10

Using a Wi-Fi network is very convenient instead of using several wires. It will also allow you to move the laptop wherever you want. So the Wi-Fi feature is very important for every laptop but if you have Windows 10 then you can face an error where the Wifi won’t work and it will not … Read more

How To Change X-Axis Values In Excel And Work With Charts/Graphs 

Nowadays, many people claim that they are proficient in using Microsoft Office, but when it comes to Excel particularly, it’s not easy to use if you are not someone technically sound. Graphs are used everywhere to get a clear depiction of the data and to make decisions by understanding those data. In graphs, you make use use selected data.  When you want to change the graph, you have to … Read more

How To Change Default PDF Viewer Windows 11 In Easy Steps 

How To Change Default PDF Viewer Windows 11

Every device for say computers comes with an in-built application. Suppose we are downloading any PDF and then while trying to open it, we will use the default built-in viewer. It does come with a pop-up for a prompt message about whether we want to make the in-built viewer our default viewer. Most times we end up clicking yes on it but later on, wish to change it to our … Read more