How to Fix VLC No Sound Issues

How to Fix VLC No Sound Issues VLC Media Player is undoubtedly the most popular audio and video player. It is mainly because of its ability to play the files of almost any formats like Mp3, Mp4, Mkv, Wav, Avi, and many more. Its minimalistic interface and powerful usability also make it a user favorite. … Read More »

Ways to Activate Windows 7

What are the 4 ways to activate Windows 7? When you install Windows 7 into your computer, you need to go through many steps to activate it. However, not each of them works accordingly on every PC. Also to note, you have to activate it within a month from installation, for the software to work… Read More »

How to Install Active Directory in Windows Server 2012

There are many organizations and companies in the world that mainly operate in a different environment and so they need to effectively manage and organizes their servers or accounts and other security policies to succeed. So obviously there is a requirement of a centralized and secured administrative mechanism. In short, Active Directory is actually an… Read More »

Install Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2012

The virtual technology is on the boom. In this error of extensive development of technology worldwide. Right now, virtualizations are at the craze for providing services to the various organisation as well as for individuals personal use. It can likewise produce an alluring option for a huge number of clients. As the word indicates, Virtualisation… Read More »

5+ Best Tune-up Utilities for Windows 10

5+ Best tune-up Utilities for Windows 10 Tune-up utilities mainly help in defragmentation, repairing the Windows Registry and create new space by deleting the duplicate and useless files. Most of the tune-up tools come up with this type of roles but there are some that come with some elaborate functions that will help to increase… Read More »