How to Activate Windows 10 Without Product Keys

We are here to help you out with the activation procedure of Windows 10 with the help of product keys. So, the steps are activating the operating system are-

  • The first step is to open the following link on your reliable browser. Google chrome is the best option for this. 
  • When the link opens, copy the code and then go to the desktop and click on the notepad icon.
  • Now go to the File option and click on the “Save As” button. A box will appear on display. Name the file as “1click.cmd”. Save the data in a location where you can easily find that.
  • The fourth step is to right-click on the icon of the file and select “Run as administrator”.
  • You have already activated the operating software of your system by running the cmd file. You can quickly check the activation status from the “Control Panel” option. You can also search for the choice of “System”. It will also give you all the information about your PC.

The process of activating Windows 10 without the help of Product key

How to Activate Windows 10 Without Product Keys

Multiple methods of activating Windows 10 with the help of product key

The best and the updated version of the windows is known as Windows 10. The organization has already promised us that they have a new target to upgrade the software with new facilities without launching a brand new operating software. Microsft has already come up with a news that anyone can upgrade Windows 10 for free if he has a copy of windows 8 or windows 7. 

The organization is trying to prevent the piracy of their product. But there is a rumour that Microsoft helps the theft.

Now we will discuss the process of activating Windows 10 for free. We will not take any help of the product key

  • The first step is to upgrade the operating software to its latest version. You should use the ISO file to update the system. If you have installed any versions of windows before, then you will not encounter any issues regarding this.
  • You have already activated windows 10 if you have activated windows 7 previously. It’s a new trick, where you can get the latest updated version of Windows 10 with the update of Windows 8 or Windows 7.
  • If you have ever updated Windows 7  and Windows 7 before, then you will quickly get the updated version of Windows 10. In this way, you can update your operating system without taking the help of the product keys.

A Special Method

This is a straightforward and secure method of activating the operating software without paying a single penny.

  • The first step is to go to the Cortona of windows 10 and then type settings.
  • Find the option “Update and Security” from the settings and click on it.
  • You will find the option named “Activation” on that right-hand window. Click on that
  • Now you have to buy the operating software windows 10 from the Go To Store.

If you are unable to active Windows 7 ultimate with the help of Ms-Toolkit, then you must try the option of upgrading Windows 7 through the Windows Loader. In this case, you have to download the software, and then you must run that. After that, it will seek permission to activate your Windows. It follows the same working principle of MS Toolkit.

This is a highly recommended method of activating Windows 7 PC. The reason behind this is that you have if you use the MS toolkit then you will plug a product key, which will create a problem at the time of installing any product of Microsoft Office.

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