Install Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2012

The virtual technology is on the boom. In this error of extensive development of technology worldwide. Right now, virtualizations are at the craze for providing services to the various organisation as well as for individuals personal use. It can likewise produce an alluring option for a huge number of clients.

As the word indicates, Virtualisation is the process of making things virtual for numerous purposes. The storm of virtualization is believed to produce a version of the system, which is not real but resembles the real thing. For example, virtualisation of any operating system, resources of networks, service or any device of storage will facilitate the same respective function virtually.

For the creation of a virtual server on any system, there is a service for it. It is named as remote desktop service and is commonly called as RDS. It is an innovation of Microsoft which facilitate the users to access the computer system virtually. 

This article will aim at the installation of Remote Desktop Services on Windows Server 12 but before going deep into the process of installation on the system, first, we will get to know, about the basics of the remote desktop server such as what is RDS, features, components and its benefits.

Install Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2012

Install Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2012

What is Remote Desktop Service?

Remote desktop service is a suite or blanket term for different components that are part of the windows server 2008 operating system. RDS is a choice based source for creating solutions of virtualizations for the need of the customer, additional bringing the virtual ID application particularly delivering safe access to mobile and remote desktop.

Remote desktop service was previously known as terminal services but its recent updated name is that desktop services from since 2008. It intends to provide end-users with the capability to execute their desktop and applications from the cloud.

Providing the basic function to connect the system virtually, it also provides access to the external desktop, duration based computer system, the business based connection of network with the web. ideas can be utilised for fast execution of the application and are deployed on the computer system with the ability to run any kind of application of the operating system for the user.

Features of Remote Desktop Services

This service of Microsoft and list number of features in itself which can help in connecting computers virtually. These features are mentioned below –

  • It is used to provide access to a computer which is externally located.
  • It allows managing another computer through the web while using a single machine.
  • This technology features in simplifying basic compliance regularly.
  • It incorporates saving private machines through the removal of useless or harmful files, documents, application and data from the system.
  • It primarily handles the remote host in the form of the desktop by allowing them access to the user who wants to access them.
  • It provides an efficient process of deployment with the help of a plan that is for software maintenance and which can be accordant with the machine as well as the environment of the enterprise.

Components of RDS

Remote Desktop Service includes some components which work together to provide services. Remote desktop service is made up of these components. When RDS is deployed on the machine its components also get installed to work together on a system.

These components make up remote desktop services and they are mentioned below –

  • Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH)

This a piece which replaces the terminal server. Does the workhorse where remote desktop sessions are running.

  • Remote Desktop Web Access (RDWA)

It is a Web front end for the remote desktop server where end-user client devices on your local network but connect to gain their remote desktop services.

  • Remote desktop gateway (RDG)

If the end-user is external or out on the public internet, it would go through a remote desktop gateway to enter in the virtually accesses system.

  • Remote desktop virtualization Host

It is a remote virtualisation host, it is a Hyper-V server where virtual machines are running the connected end-users. So, this would be more of traditional desktop virtualisation.

  • The remote desktop connection broker

It is a component which needs a connection broker which is a part of traditional desktop virtualisation implementation.

Benefits of using remote desktop service

With numerous benefits, available in the usage of the remote desktop server, it is one of the tremendous hit in the world of business. Whether it is personal use or business enterprise use. There are some benefits which are mentioned below, which you are going to experience while using RDS:

  • RDS has the skill to connect and designed to connect to a particular computer system.
  • It will make you feel like you are sitting in front of the remote machine but actually, you will be having the virtual device through remote access.
  • Remote desktop service is accountable for hundreds of businesses globally.
  • It is the key component of the business it structures.
  • It incorporates the most secure information worldwide while keeping the vital data of the user safely.
  • This technology is known for its safety because of it intense to give the least choice of burglary or data loss.
  • It is the most versatile service due to the elevation of obligation in works from anywhere and anytime.
  • It encounters being available at a reduced cost. That is no need for the high-performance device at this price.
  • Centralized server access all other devices which are connected.
  • It pertains the ability to secure all the device’s data and file without the establishment of VPN connection.

Installation of remote desktop services in windows server 2012.

This part of the article will enlist the number of steps required in the installation of remote desktop services in windows server 2012.

  • Step 1 – You must log in to the RDS server. Then you have to open the server manager.
  • Step 2 – Snap-on add roles and features.

Snap-on add roles and features

  • Step 3 – Pop next on the page named as before you begin.
  • Step 4 – Opt the installation type as a remote desktop service installation. You will have to click on next to proceed further.

installation type as a remote desktop service installation

  • Step 5 – you will observe the console and it will affect the three core roles of remote desktop services executive on an individual virtual machine.

There are two paths for the installation of remote desktop services in windows server 2012. They are notified as quick and standard. The quick option of deployment, a single server will hold the installation from the three of the required services of remote desktop services.

Deployment Type

The primary three components are:

  • Remote desktop session host
  • The remote desktop connection broker
  • Remote desktop web access

The quick deployment option will be chosen. If you want to opt a standard deployment option then it will facilitate the separated components of remote desktop service.

Role Services

  • Step 6 – Select a quick start as a type of deployment and snap-on next.
  • Step 7 – Next console will consist of two options as – virtual Machine based or session-based. You will have to click on the session-based option. Snap next to proceed.

Deployment Scenario

  • Step 8 – Now, there is a selection of server or you can see service selection page which will be observed by you on the screen. It holds the information of the current server which is added automatically. Pop cursor on next button.

Server Selection

  • Step 9 – It is important to review the process of installation. On the confirmation page, you will have to choose the restart the destination server automatically if required checkbox. Then select the deploy option.


  • Step 10 – Now, the installation procedure will start. In this, you will experience the automatic reboot of the server. you just have to login again after the reboot and you will observe the process of installation has to place completely. Snap-on close button.


To check the installation

You will have to sign in to the server, having the installation of remote desktop connection broker. Unfold the server manager and snap on the remote desktop server services available on the list to see the overview of your deployed remote desktop service on windows server 2012. 

RDS dashboard server manager

This article has all the information about Remote Desktop Server that is going to help for the creation of virtually enabled devices going to be operated remotely. It is a huge base of development in the business IT industry. Through the high usage, this is a huge platform of the new technology emerging in the form of virtualization. This technology befits the user with the easy of accessing several devices at one go. This is applicable for any of the user such as business organization or personal usage of the computer.

The information technology industry in collaboration with the business sector is responsible for high-end growth through the base of virtual cloud computation. You can connect your desktop with your laptop or can connect it with a smartphone. You can control each of them using any of a particular remote device using the internet.