How to Disable File Download in Internet Explorer using Group Policy

Complete Guide to Disable File Download in Internet Explorer using Group Policy

Disable File Download in Internet Explorer using Group Policy

In order to protect the computer, Microsoft has somehow discovered some steps that can easily disable files that are downloaded in Internet Explorer. Many times there may be a situation when disabling downloads in Internet Explorer can provide a temporary and a permanent fix to guard the computer against various types of worms or viruses. 

Why downloads should be disabled?

This is indeed a very vital question in this case. Obviously, it is such a question that may always arise in the mind of the users. There are many downloaded files that carry with it numerous threats to harm the computer so, in such a situation, it is very important to disable the downloaded files. It is always advised that until and unless the user is confirmed that the file downloaded is from a reliable source they should never click on that type of files. 

Further, if asked from a computer expert then he will easily make the user understand how the viruses can go up exponentially and harm the PC as more people use it. Even if the PC is handled by a kid then they will always have the tendency to open the files that enticing to them. They will never look upon the dangers that are hiding beside it. Even if there is a guest account on the computer, then it is best to protect the method of protecting it from the malicious downloads. In order to block other applications from running, it is suggested to configure something that is just like an Applocker. 

People are using other windows apart from Chrome. They are mostly relying on Firefox, Internet Explorer so that the internet can be accessed very smoothly. If a person does not have their own account in computer and uses the same as a guest user then the other one should be more careful and aware of these types of a casual user. The user should concentrate more and more on protecting the computer from any type of external attack. They should be very careful while handling any type of files or folder that comes from unknown sources. This is because they carry various types of worms that are highly dangerous for the PC. 

Steps to block downloader in Internet Explorer:

There are certain steps that must be followed in most of the cases to block the downloader in Internet Explorer.

  • At first, the user has to click on the Internet Explorer and click on tools that are present in the menu bar. 
  • Then click on the internet options to open the Internet Windows Options.
  • On the internet options, it is suggested to click on the security tab and then move to the custom level button that is located on the security level of this zone. Just have a look at this image to clear the whole thing.

custom level

  • The user should now look at the Security settings of the Internet Zone Window. Right in the settings box simply scroll down to the download section and locate the options file that is titled File Download. Now change this option from enable to disable. This is further a very vital step in this case. Once it is clicked as disabled the user should click on the OK option.

Security settings of the Internet Zone Window

  • Soon it will be seen that the Internet Explorer will ask from the user whether they want to change the settings of this zone. So, the user should click to the OK option. 

want to change the settings of this zone

  • In order to see the changes, the user can also restart the whole program again or wait for a minute to see the new changes. Further, the user can check the whole process by going to a reputed site and try to download a file. Soon the difference will be noticed. To be very specific the user can simply go to the www.adobe .com and try to download a file. It will be soon that a message will appear on the screen stating that due to some security options the downloaded cannot be completed. In fact, the user is not allowed to download any types of file. So the whole thing is now absolutely clear about this matter. Rather the user can be now 100% sure. Just have a look at this image to be sure about the work.


Steps of disabling download in the group policy:

On the other hand, if the user is using a higher version of Windows then he can easily set the same option in the group policy too. For doing this the user should click on the start option and then type in the group policy.

Now, once the user is in this position he will see an option that will appear on the right-hand side of the user that is termed as Allow file downloads. It is now advised to the user to double click on the item and make it sure to select the Disabled radio button as that is very vital.

Again the user will notice that there are several other options that are coming on the screens regarding the disable options. Whatever is coming on the screen is to be read in a proper way so that the user does not face any other severe problems in the future. Most of the professionals even suggest going through each and every message that comes in the way of the disabling process. The more they will read, the more they will gain knowledge about the process of disabling. 

If anything is done without reading then the user might face some problems in times to come. However, with the advent of all types of modern devices and techniques, it seems that the whole disabling process has become an easier one. Gone are the simple days when people had limited scopes in doing any type of computer works. As time is changing, people are also noticing good changes in the mode of working. It has really helped them a lot in their work. It is hoped and expected some more changes in times to come.

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