Complete Guide to Fix Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk Usage

Updating the system into Windows 10 is a very strenuous task. The main reason is the usage of Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk. This is one of the very vital components which helps to send different types of anonymous data and the glitch reports to the organization. The register is made to keep records about the problems and to find ways to resolve it. 

According to some of the users, the compatibility telemetry usage disk creates problems for the official Microsoft forum and Reddit. The application of Telemetry continuously sends data to the headquarters with the help of CPU usage. 

The common complaint about this issue is that the users are encountering a time lag in their system while they are working on different high usage software. In most cases, the telemetry app covers almost 100% of the usage of the CPU.

Complete Guide to Fix Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk Usage

Fix Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk Usage

About Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

It is a type of technical data which depicts the performance level of the Windows devices. Windows Compatibility Telemetry monitors all the activities of all the software and the hardware and sends a report to the company so that they can fix any bugs.

The crucial advantage of having this application is that it is programmed in a way to merge all the system data with the user manifesto, and it also keeps the operating software very safe and secure.

The main attributes of Windows Compatibility Telemetry are:

  • The Windows get an auto update
  • Polishes the performance level and prevents the software from viruses and malware
  • Tries to improvise the functions of the windows domain software
  • Gives permission for the “personalizing engagement” which clears the Windows cache memory

But we should know the exact form of Windows Compatibility Telemetry. It is not useful data. 

The Windows Compatibility Telemetry includes the information of the installed apps with a complete resource of the activities of the device drivers.

Windows Compatibility Telemetry’s Levels 

  • Basic

This level depicts the security protocols along with the compatibility of the windows applications.

  • Security

This level has the skill to protect the applications all the devices of Windows. In the versions of Windows IoT Core,  Windows 10, and Windows 10 Education, the telemetry data get a storage memory. 

  • Enhanced

In this level, the data gets transferred from the Basic and Security tiers. It also depends upon the activities of the windows devices.

  • Full

In this level, the user can get full information about the data telemetry data. It also has the capability of gathering data from high standards. It can also give the information to resolve other issues of Windows devices and software.

The process of fixing the compatibility of high disk usage

If you want to get rid of compatibility high disk usage, then you should follow the steps underneath-

  • The first step is to open the Run window by pressing window key+R. On that dialogue box, the user must type the command “gpedit.msc “. To proceed further, the user must click on the OK button.

type the command “gpedit.msc “

  • The second step is a vital step. The user has to select the My Computer option to choose the option Computer Configuration. After that, he has to select the “Administrative Templates”, and the next selection is the Windows components. Then the user must choose the option called Data Collection and Preview Builds.

To simplify, we can follow the steps –

My computer>Administrative Templates>Windows Components>Data Collection and Preview Builds.

Data Collection and Preview Builds

  • If you are facing the same issue, then you have to follow this step very carefully. The third step is to double-click on the option named Data Collection and Preview Builds. A list of settings will appear on display.
  • The fourth step is to choose the option “Allow-Telemetry” from the appeared menu. This will give you the knowledge about the roots of the issues, and you will also get the way to resolve it.


  • The final step is to choose the option” Disabled”. You shouldn’t forget to press the enter button to end this process.

choose the option” Disabled”

You must wait for some so that your machine registers the changes. After a few moments, the issues of Windows 10’s telemetry causing high disk and CPU usage will be resolved.

The process of fixing the telemetry high usage 

There is a tool which is named as The official windows Editor. Basically, it permits the user so that they can access the Windows registry. The user can also do changes to avoid different types of bugs and risks.

A computer Wizard can only understand the fundamentals of a Register editor. We are going to discuss the simple method of accessing the register editor-

  • The first step is to open the run option by pressing the Windows key and the R key at the same time. After the dialogue box opens, type “regedit” after that press enter to execute that operation.
  • If the first one doesn’t work, there is another method to execute the same operation. You can use the Windows PowerShell to activate the register editor. In this method, you must select the start button and type “POWER” on the dialogue box. It will lead to an option of Windows PowerShell in that result list. In this way, you can switch on the Windows Register Editor.

After getting the access of register editor, there are few other steps to get rid of the high telemetry usage. The vital steps are-

  • After getting access to the regedit, you have to open the run window by following the same steps. (Windows key+ R key)

Enter Regedit on the dialogue box of run and press enter

  • Enter Regedit on the dialogue box of run and press enter.
  • In this step, you will get a user account control popup. This will seek your permission for the administrative privileges. Then select the “YES” button after the system prompts.
  • In this step, you will have to visit the option named “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE”. After that, select the “SOFTWARE” option. This will make a path to choose the policy of “Microsoft”. Choose “Data Collection Option” to end this step.

Data Collection Option

  • Just have a look on the right-hand side of the bar. You will find the option “Allow Telemetry”. Click on that option. 

Sometimes, the option is not freely available. You can have that by right-clicking on the choice of “Data Collection”. After that, click on “NEW” and then on “DWORD (32-bit) value”. After having a new value, you can name it as “Allow Telemetry”.

DWORD (32-bit) value

  • To solve the problem, you must change the “Value Date” to Zero. There will be an auto switch off for the Telemetry.

change the “Value Date” to Zero

The success rate of this method is very high. But if you can’t solve the error, there are other ways to resolve the same issue.

Resolving the issue with the help of Driver Upgradation

A unique method of solving the telemetry error of Windows is by having an updating the driver. This process will solve Microsoft Telemetry Windows 10 CPS Usage error.

  • The first step is to download and install an application which has the capability of having a recognizing the compatible software. The best example of this application is Driver Easy.
  • The second step is to allow the software to start the scan on your system. You can follow all the instruction which appears on the screen to have a quick update of the drivers. 

start the scan on your system

  • Check the usage of the disk, after you reboot the system’s Windows 10.

Check the usage of the disk

There are different types of Driver Updater which are available on the internet. Everybody should update all the Windows drivers to avoid all the issue of Telemetry. Check the authenticity of the website to avoid duplicity.

Types of DATA which is not collected by the Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry 

The tool of Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry does not collect the data like

  • Bing’s search history
  • Windows 10 wallpaper
  • The geographical location of the user

The method of turning off the telemetry

There is a program designed by Python. It is very, and it also can turn off the telemetry. It is a legal process. 1se1ucgo, a Reddit user is the creator of this program. The user can get this program from Github without paying a single penny.

There is another tool called Microsoft Telemetry Removal Tool. This specific tool used in the operating software’s like Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. This tool has a feature of switching off SkyDrive, The auto-updates of windows and many other useful things.  

Special Note

The tool has the capability of switching off all the features which are powered by Windows 10.

You should know, you are using a script or third-party to resolve all the issues. Microsoft doesn’t create any tool to prevent this type of errors.

The conclusion

Windows 10 software is one of the best versions of Windows Operating System. It is an OS which has no bugs and glitches and it also very user-friendly. We have already discussed a few processes of eliminating the Microsoft Compatibility High Disk Usage. 

But there are different doubts. Many people ask what will happen if they switch off the telemetry software. Will it gather the internal information on the period of shutting down and many more? 

But after having a good discussion, we came to know that the OS will not react negatively after disabling the Compatibility Telemetry. But it will not completely stop the OS to collect the private, confidential information.

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