How to Fix: Bluetooth is not working in Windows 10

Fix: Bluetooth is not working in Windows 10

It has been noticed that the newly installed Windows 10 can create a lot of problems for the users. The main device is, however, noticed with Bluetooth devices. There are some of the instances where this problem is noticed. Now let’s have a glance at some of the common problems that can be noticed in this case.

  • If you see that Bluetooth is not available, then an error message will appear. Now use that error message to investigate deep into the problem.
  • The connection problem of the Bluetooth is most likely related to the Bluetooth devices.
  • There are certain problems that can cause Bluetooth to disappear totally from Windows 10.
  • Apparently, it may appear that everything is fine and good, but it may happen that Bluetooth device is not available to detect the actual problem.

Steps to follow when Bluetooth stops functioning especially in windows 10:

It may happen that Bluetooth will stop functioning totally. In such a situation there are certain steps that must be followed strictly. It is very essential to follow such steps.

1. The first thing that the user should do in such a situation is to update the drivers. In case if you do not receive any such message about updating of the driver then you may go to the device manager and download the latest driver manually for the Bluetooth device. You can also search for the compatible driver in the manufacturer’s website. Here are some of the steps that you must follow in this case.

  • First, go to the device manager and then right click on the Bluetooth device.
  • Then select properties and go to the advanced tab.
  • Next, write down the number that is next to the Manufacturer ID.
  • By this, you will be able to identify the manufacturer of the Bluetooth accessory and it will assist you to the page where you can download the latest driver.

In case if you do not want to go into such steps, then you can opt for a tool that will automatically direct you.

On the other hand, if you are not connected to the internet then it will not be possible for you to use this tool. If you are online you can easily download the tool.

Tweekbit’s driver updater is the only tool that can help you in this process. It will not only help to update the drivers but will also assist your PC from any type of damages. Let’s go through the quick process to download this tool.

  • At, first you have to download and install Tweakbit Driver updater.
  • The moment it is installed the program will start scanning for PC automatically. The driver updater will also check your installed updater versions. At this moment you have to wait for the completion of the scan.
  • When the scan is completed you will get all the latest information about any type of problems on PC. See the list and opt whether you want to update everything by selecting or all at once. You can also select on update all button automatically.

2. In another case, you can reinstall the Bluetooth device totally. There is a simple process that can be followed in this context.update the drivers

  • At first, go to the search menu and then type devicemngr and open Device Manager.
  • As soon as the device manager opens search your Bluetooth device and then right click and uninstall it.
  • You will see that windows will ask for confirming whether you want to uninstall it.
  • After confirming it you will see that your computer is restarting.
  • Now you can visit your manufacturer’s website and check if there is any driver available for windows 10.

3. In the next situation make sure that your Bluetooth service is available. Also, make sure to enable it.


  • First, go to search and type services. msc and open services.
  • Now find the Bluetooth support service.
  • If itis is not enabled then simply right click it and click on the start button. If it is enabled then right click and select restart.
  • Now, wait for the process to finish it.
  • Again restart your computer.

5. If none of the solutions work then try the troubleshooter tool. Know it how to run it.

  • First, go to the settings.
  • Next, go to the updates and security > troubleshoot.
  • Select the Bluetooth and run the troubleshooter.
  • Next, follow the screen to finish the process.
  • At last, restart your computer.

Select Bluetooth, and go to Run the Troubleshooter

6. In some case, if you change the power settings mode then Bluetooth can work again. Here are some of the steps that may be followed.

  • First, open the device manager.
  • As soon as the device manager opens, locate the Bluetooth keyboard and double click it.
  • If the properties windows open simply navigate the Power management and uncheck allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. At last click OK to save the latest changes.

7. In many cases, it has been observed that if you change the USB port, then the Bluetooth device may work properly. This is proved to be a very effective step in this regard. Sometimes it may happen that there is some problem with the USB Port. But if it is changed it may work properly. So, in short, these are some of the quick steps that may solve the problem totally.

Bluetooth is a very important device in the present time. It can perform a lot of work very easily. But sometimes the user may face some common problems in Windows 10. That should be fixed immediately. The above-mentioned steps or solutions are expected to solve the problem to a great extent. If it is not solved then it is best to take the help of the manufacturer. Only they can help in such a situation. At least they can show some path.

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