How to Activate Microsoft Visio without Product Key?

Microsoft Visio is one of the best products of Microsoft Office category. It has various types of services. The fundamental functions of this product are to draw multiple diagrams like 3D maps, flow charts, flow diagrams, and organization charts. In the year of 1992, Shapeware Corporation launched this product. Later in the year of 2000, Microsoft owned this application. You can get this software in two editions which are-

  Microsoft Visio Professional

It is the most premium version of the software. It has a few different styles of templates, and the shapes are much updated.

  Microsoft Visio Standard

This edition of the software doesn’t have any kind complications. You can draw any diagrams. Making flow charts and costly layouts which are multipurpose are the added advantage of this edition.

MS Visio can perform some task which is almost like the functions of office Word and Excel. You can quickly transfer any data from the software like Excel and Access. The software also has an immense memory where you can store ample information. It is known as the library. The application is so user-friendly that you can quickly execute a complex diagram. There are a few helpful tools in this software like stencils, in-built objects, and much other extraordinary digital equipment. The 2013 version of this software has some different looks. It includes various templates. You can print any brochure and 3 D calendars with the help of the 2013 version.

The Visio has an advantage of extracting any pieces of information from different external applications. This feature makes the database more and more realistic. 

The latest version of this software comes with different types of in-built categories layouts. You may face some difficulty to choose the appropriate one among them.

How to Activate Microsoft Visio without Product Key?

How to Activate Microsoft Visio without Product Key

The process of activating this application without using the product key

There are different types of software which we use in our daily life.  This application will give 30 days of the free trial if you are using the premium version of it. You must pay some minimum charges for that premium version. But spending an ample amount of money is a big issue for those who are students or in a similar profession. Some of the university and organization provides a free premium version of this application, and the users prefer the KMS method so that they can use it without paying a single penny. You can use the KMS version for six months. There are a few stages to complete the process of activation which are-

The process of KMS activation

  • You must download to set your machine in such a way so that you can install the server of KMS activation.
  • After locating the server, you will get 180 days, where you can freely obtain the services of this application.
  • The software needs a good internet connection to update it’s drawing equipment. A trial period of 180 days will start after you activate the app.

Special Note

You should update the software before it expires its trial period of 180 days.

Now we will talk about the steps-

  •   Copy the text from the following link, paste it in a new text file.
  •   Save the text file. 
  •   Just go to the option of “Save As” and name the batch file as “1click.cmd”.
  •   It is the most vital step. Right-click on the file and select the option “Run As Administrator.”
  •   Wait for a moment.
  •   You have successfully activated the software.

There are different activation codes for various versions of the software. Just check before saving the file in your machine.

You can renew the application by following the same steps. 

Now we will discuss the pros and cons of the software.


  •    The interface of the software is non-rigid. It is very user-friendly. Anyone can use it without any difficulty.
  •     Locating the tool is not a difficult task for the users
  •     The diagram made by this software looks perfect and appealing.
  •     The picture is so consistent and accurate that the client will love it.
  •     The new templates of those diagrams are very realistic and logical.
  •     You can easily include new timelines for new events.


  • The process of making the diagram is very time-consuming. It needs the practice to gain knowledge of art and executing it on another level.

The Importance of installing the software

According to some reviewers, this software is the most valuable product of the MS family. It is the best choice to design any diagram of any project events. You can quickly note and monitor every information of any functions which is going on. You can plan some future assignment according to the assigned budget of the client.

The crucial attributes of MS Visio

  •    Sharing the newly made diagram are very easy
  •     User can quickly get the DWG files and work on this application
  •     The theme looks very classy. 
  •     Creating professional business layouts
  •     Excellent and amazing inbuilt templates
  •     The interface is very user-friendly, and it has no-code dashboards
  •     It has a new feature of auto-updating.

Few eligibilities to install the software in your machine

  • The system should have a minimum RAM of 2GB.
  • The space requirement is 1 Gb to activate this software.
  • The resolution of your screen should be 1280×800.
  • The user should install a graphics card of DirectX 10.
  • The software is compatible with operating systems like Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8. 
  • The software is adaptable with browsers like Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer and nightly. 

You can get a 30-day trial period on the paid version of this software. But the service of this version is minimal. But if you use the KMS version, you can premium user-friendly functions to make professional business layouts. The MS Visio is also known as MS Project. MS Visio 2013, 2016 and MS project 2013.2016 are the four versions of this member of Microsoft. Then activate the software by using it a 25 unique digit product key. The activation key and the product are the same things. But most of the user prefers to use the KMS version because it is more affordable than the previous one. Follow all the protocols and check the website very carefully so that you can avoid duplicity and piracy.

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