Step-by-Step Guide to Fix “ patcher kernel has stopped working”

Usually coined as League of Legends game players, if it is observed that  PVP. net patcher kernel has stopped working then it might create a lot of problems in launching the program. Here are some ways and steps by which the problem or the issue can be fixed to a great extent. 

However, it is clear that all of them do not require any special types of tools or devices.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fix “ patcher kernel has stopped working”

Step-by-Step Guide to Fix “ patcher kernel has stopped working”

Solution 1: Administration credentials help in running the program

The best way to solve the problem is by running the administrator credentials. Whenever any application is given administration access it can run smoothly without any type of interruptions. The administration access also helps the other ones to run smoothly, mainly in normal mode. If everything runs smoothly, then the user can change the application properties without any errors by allowing it to run in administration mode.

There are some steps below that will allow the user to access the application in a proper manner.

  • First, right-click on the application launcher and then select Run as an administrator.
  • If the first application runs smoothly, then move to the next step.
  • Now right-click on the application launcher again and click on the properties.
  • The compatibility tab must be navigated.
  • Then check the box that is mainly running in the program as an administrator.
  • Lastly, click on the apply button and save the changes and click on OK and exit.

The moment it is done, launch the program and see if the whole thing is running smoothly. If you see the problems are not yet solved, then move to the next mode.

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Solution 2: End of the program

The moment you launch the program and notice that there is an error and the program is still running in the background then the whole thing can be monitored from the task manager. There are many users who have found it convenient to end the program with the help of Task Manager and restart it again to see the program if any.

When anyone ends the program, the system closes the program with anything related to it and at the same time eliminates the data that was mainly stored in the memory. Once the program is ended, start the program with administrator access to solve it completely. To do this follow the simple steps accordingly.

  • First, launch the application and wait for the error to show properly.
  • The moment the error is noticed it is best to press the window logo key+ R to startup a run.
  • Now type taskmgr to launch the Task Manager.
  • Wait for the Processes Tab and look for the application name.
  • The moment it is found right-click on the application process and click on end task.
  • If the program closes completely, then right-click on the application icon and then again click on Run as an administrator.
  • Also, check if the program is running without any error.
  • If it is noticed that the application is running successfully without any issue then simply click on the application icon and again click on the properties.
  • Then navigate to the compatibility tab and check properly the box that runs this program mainly as an administrator.
  • Lastly, click on the Apply button to save the changes or simply click on the OK button and exit from the page.  So this is another step by which the issues can be solved completely. However, if not solved then it is better to merge to the 3rd Solution. 

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Solution 3: Removal of the game patch files

There is a high chance of getting that the game patch files are corrupted or there may be a configuration problem. In such a case removal of the game patch file can be the only option before the user. The moment game patch files are removed the user will notice that the application will download the same and fill up space.

The following steps will help to fix the corrupted game files and reconfigure them to work properly.

  • First, right-click on the application icon and then click the onan open file location.
  • Search for the folder name RADS and open it simply.
  • Now there is a patch that can be followed. This is projects>lol_  air_ client> releases and then click on the latest folder that is present there.
  • Search for the files that are named as “S_OK” and release manifest. Now delete them.
  • Again open the deploy folder and then delete the file named properties. META-INF. Logs etc.
  • Once the whole process is completed click on the restart button.  Now it is expected that these steps will be successful in solving the issue completely. If not then it is better to consult a technician who has vast knowledge in this field. He can solve it totally after identifying the issues. The 3solutions is considered to be the best one in curing the problem totally. It is just great and awesome for the users. 

It really annoys the user if patcher kernel stops totally. Many of us may even become frustrated out of it. This is because most of the works are done through it and it can interrupt the work to a good extent.

All this mainly happens if there is not correct administrator access or the game patcher files become corrupted. Now such issue scan is completely solved either by deleting the corrupted files completely or by providing administrator access.  So these two are the most convenient steps regarding solving the issue.

Even there are many specialized companies that are equally working well in this field. They have trained and skilled mechanics and technicians who have vast knowledge and so they can easily deal with such issues. So in major cases, they may be consulted as they are really pioneering in handling such issues quite conveniently. 

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