How To Fix: Clock_watchdog_timeout error on Windows 10, 8.1, 7 [13 Easy Troubleshooting Guide in 2024]

It can be well said in this context that Novusafe is such software that will protect your computer from various types of malware or virus threats very easily. In fact, computer and browser optimization are also included within it. There are 3 main steps that will help you to solve any type of PC issues.

  • First, download the PC repair tool.
  • Now click on the “start scan” to find out the issues that can cause PC problems.
  • Lastly, click on the “fix all now” to resolve the problem completely.

Blue screen of death errors is the most common type of error that often encountered on Windows 10.  They are very rare errors but can be very problematic at the same time. It should be solved at any cost.

As clock_watchdog_timeout is a very rare problem there are some major issues that are mostly observed among the users.

  • The clock_watchdog_timeout error usually occurs after you have overlock your hardware. If the hardware is overlocked simply remove the overclock settings and check if the issues are solved.
  • There are many people who have reported about errors with Ryzen CPUs. It happens if the problem was caused due to problematic update and after its removal, the issue has been solved completely.
  • If you are not availing Windows 10 you should be able to fix the problem by following any of the solutions.
  • There are many who also report that cause of the error was either RAM or GPU. To handle with such problems simply remove the overclock settings and check the drivers. Also, check if the RAM is compatible with the motherboard.
  • There is some error that might be common in each and every device. It may even appear in Lenovo and Intel devices. It should be fixed by following any of the solutions.

The quickstep to solving any type of error in PC is to

  • Download the PC scan and Repair tool
  • Then click “start scan” to find out any errors that could be causing BSOD errors especially in Windows 10.
  • Now click on the “start repair all issues” to fix the problem.

Solution 1: Update the Drivers

Blue screen of death is the main one that is caused due to the outdated drivers. So it is very essential to update the drivers on a regular basis. It should be maintained under any circumstances.  Updating is a very easy task. You can do it by simply downloading it from the websites. Keep in mind that you should update all the drivers on your PC to fix the error.

In order to make Windows 10 stable, you should update all the drivers. Manually downloading the driver is not the best way to update the driver but it can be done by using this Driver Update Software. All the drivers will be updated by a single click.

Solution 2: Remove Problematic Applications

Most of the third-party applications can cause this type of errors. So remove the problematic applications immediately to get rid of this type of issues. This type of errors is often caused by antivirus so it is advised to temporarily remove antivirus software.

Removing antivirus software is an easy job, but you should always use the dedicated removal tool in this case. There are many antivirus companies that use these tools for download on their website and so you can download it for free. If by removing antivirus this problem is solved, then it is advised to switch to different antivirus software. There are many antivirus tools available. You can choose one of those suites you better.

Solution 3: Update your BIOS

BIOS update is a very advanced form of procedure that installs new firmware for the motherboard by unlocking the new features. Updating BIOS is pretty dangerous provided you are well aware of the update process. If not follow it from somewhere else before applying it on your PC.

Solution 4: Disable C 1-6 in BIOS

There are many users that have reported to have solved the problem by disabling certain settings in BIOS. In order to disable C 1-6 in BIOS, it is mostly recommended following the motherboard manual. That would be the exact process in this case.

Solution 5: Reset BIOS

It has been also stated earlier that there is a certain error that can be dangerous. In order to fix these issues, it is better to reset the BIOS. By resetting BIOS all the settings will be set as the default value and hence the issues can be fixed to a great extent.

Solution 6: Remove Overlock settings

Overlocking the hardware can help in giving a good performance. Sometimes you may have noticed that your PC cannot handle certain overclock settings. In such a case, you will get a BSOD error. Remember overlock can burn and permanently damage your hardware components. So it is better to be careful and cautious while overlocking the PC. If the PC is overlocked then it is advised to remove the overclock settings and check if the error is fixed.

Remove overclock settings

Solution 7: Update your SSD Firmware and disable LPM

The clock_watchdog_timeout error can also be caused with outdated SSD firmware so if you are using SSD it is always recommended to update it in time. Updating firmware on the SSD can be mere risky so it is always better to be cautious and back up the files if required. In addition to this, disable the LPM for better performance.

Solution 8: Disable C1 E and Intel SpeedStep in BIOS

There are certain settings in BIOS that can cause Clock_watchdog_timeout error. Therefore it is better to disable certain settings in BIOS. As per the users, C1 E and Intel mainly cause this error to appear. So it should be disabled as and when required.

Solution 9:   Manually set the speed of your RAM and turn off Asus Turbo feature in BIOS:

If you do not manually set the speed of RAM in BIOS then the error can be caused. It is better to check the motherboard instructions to follow the exact process of doing so. Also, disable the Asus Turbo feature.

Solution 10: Unplug your DVD drive during Windows 10 installation

There are many users who have repeatedly complained that they are unsuccessful in installing Windows 10 due to Clock_watchdog_timeout.  You can solve this problem by unplugging your SATA DVD drive during the installation process of Windows 10. Once you disconnect your DVD you will be to install windows normally.

Solution 11: Clean your computer case and check for faulty hardware

According to many faulty motherboards and faulty CPU can cause this type of error. If you find that the hardware is not working properly then it is best to clean the computer case from dust. Sometimes excessive dust can block the fans and slots. So it is advised to keep the motherboard clean under any circumstances.

Solution 12: Install the latest updates

It is always better to update your device on a regular basis. If the device is updated then it can overcome any type of issues very easily. In order to fix this issue you can check manually for updates by doing the following steps:

  • First, open the settings app. You can do it quickly by using the Windows Key+ I shortcut.
  • When the settings app opens simply navigate to update & security section.
  • Then click on the check for updates button. You will find that Windows will check and update on the background. As soon as the updates are downloaded they will be installed as soon as the PC is restarted. Now check if the problem still persists.

Solution 13: Remove the problematic updates

Sometimes it is equally important to remove the problematic updates. This is very simple and you can do it by some easy steps.

  • First, open the settings app and then navigate to the update and security section.
  • Then select the view installed update history
  • You will see the list of recent views. Click on the uninstall updates.
  • Again double click the updates that you want to remove and follow it on the screen.
  • If by simply removing the updates the problem is solved then it is well and fine.

Remove the problematic updates

These are some solutions that have been provided above. It is expected that the users will be now able to solve the problem. There are solutions to every problem, but the only thing required is to follow it in a strict way.

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