What is Kmode Exception Not Handled Error, And How do we fix it?

Different types of users discuss KMode exceptions in various social media platforms. It is popularly known as a blue screen error. 

Windows is the most used operating system in this tech world. Then most of the user know that “What the blue screen is all about”. In a technical language, we call  BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) a stop error. It generally takes place when your machine is undergoing a devastating problem. It tries to switch off your PC.

It doesn’t matter if you are using any version of Windows (Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP). If the Error takes place, your system will face this screen. The blue screen doesn’t give any second chance to the user so that he can restart the system. You can quickly troubleshoot this issue if you research the main reason for the Error.

It will be a challenging and strenuous job to troubleshoot the Error if you don’t examine the root cause. 

The real reason for BSOD can be anything, which is related to files, software, hardware, temperature, corrupted files, timings, viruses, and many other things. 

How to Fix KMode Exception Not Handled Error?

As we all know that restarting PC is necessary at the time of Error. According to the review, the user encounters this type of errors after installing any new software and hardware. The other reasons are the attack of virus and malware, corruption of the Windows registry, outdated device, and operating systems driver conflict, etc.   

About “KMode exception not handled”

As windows are the most popular and advanced operating software, there are two portions of the ode operating which are-

  •   User Mode
  •   Kernel Mode

On the other hand, the computer has a processor, and there are various operation modes which are known as “Rings”. The user has to maintain some particular protocols to execute that specific code.

If you take a close look on Intel’s CPU, you will see that there are four rings attached to it. Ring 0 is the first ring. This is a ring which is responsible for getting the permission of that available resource. It is the primary mode where you can create buzz and run the Windows Kernel.

The windows kernel mode will start after the boot. The kernel-mode can create a false virtual memory and Paging. There are different types of program which depends on this model. The characteristics of this model are that they can nullify each other’s storage space. This nullification results to damage the entire system and the central corruption occurs.

The dialect of this error

The fundamental problem occurs when the mode of Kernel doesn’t work correctly. Sometimes’ it creates an exception. There is an inbuilt system of identifying the errors. But whenever the error catching system doesn’t catch the error, it displays 0x0000001E, which is a code of stop error. I the error identifier is not identifying, then there must be a grave issue of software corruption or expiring of windows applications drivers. Mainly the error takes place due to a faulty installation of hardware like RAM or any drives. 

The prevention of this error

There are different types of Windows Operating Software. We are going to discuss the facts of the error in a straightforward language. There are four fundamental ways to stop the kernel mode of failure.

The first start-up should be turned off

  • This is an effortless and fundamental way to prevent the error. You have to follow some simple steps to activate the process of prevention. 
  • Click on the start button and select the option named control panel. After entering the window, click on system and security. At last, choose power Option.

Click on Power Options

  • The Second step is to go to the option called “Choose what power buttons do.”
  • The third step is to click on  “Change settings that are currently unavailable”.

Change settings that are currently unavailable

  • The final and most crucial step is to uncheck a box which has a title of “Turn on fast start-up”. Don’t forget to select to save all the changes on that window.

Uncheck the box next to ‘Turn on fast start-up’ and Save the changes

This was a necessary process of preventing the Kernel mode of error. Most of the time, users prefer this method to get rid of these problems. You can try other purposes if this process if it is not working on your machine.

The drivers should be updated

Many people use their machine with backdated and old corrupt drivers. Then most of the problems will have a great solution if they update their drivers. The steps to update the drivers are given below-

  • At first, shut down the system and then restart it by selecting the safe mode. Pressing F8 key will lead to the path of booting where you can choose the option named safe mode.

Special note

Selecting the option of safe mode is a significant step because the kernel error will not allow you to boot the system in the normal manner.

  • When the windows start to boot on that mode,  press the Windows+X key. When the sidebar appears, select the option Device manager.

choose Device Manager

  • In the option, device manager clicks on other devices. After the window expands, right-click on “Unknown Device”. At last, choose the update driver software.

Update Driver Software

  • The fourth step is to choose the option called “search automatically for updated driver software.”

Search automatically for updated driver software

  • At last, restart your system after the drivers get an update.

restart your system after the drivers get an update

This will solve the vital portion of the kernel-mode error. If it doesn’t work, try the other formats.

Resolving the issue by the help of windows memory Diagnostics

This process can resolve the error after identifying it. You should go through a few stages to perform a memory test.

  • The first step is to select the control panel option from the start menu option.

go to Control Panel from the Start menu

  • Now go to the layouts and select choose Administrative Tools.

select choose Administrative Tools

  • Search for the windows memory Diagnostic from the list which appears in the display screen.

find Windows Memory Diagnostic option in the list

Special Note

You should save all the changes you are making in this process

  • The third step is to select an option named “Restart now and check for problems”. The system will encounter a restart to find the errors of that memory.

Click on Restart now and check for problems

  • The final stage is to wait until the boot finishes. 

This is the main three ways to prevent errors. You should follow this step so that you can stop your PC from encountering the Kernel mode. Sometimes the blue screen gives a monotony, and the user gets a frustration. 

You can also take the help of Microsoft Support Thread.

About BSOD Error

The blue screen symbolizes the Kmode exceptions. But you should gain knowledge about the other errors as well.

  • NTFS file system error  

It is an error of a hard disc. It takes place at the time of the corruption of the disk.

  • Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap

It is mainly a function to check the glitch. In this case, the CPU takes an order to hold the trap so that it can protect any Kmode error.

  • Registry Error

When the registry window can’t execute its function, this error occurs.

  • IRQL Not Less Or Equal

When the system has some backdated and old drivers of different applications and hardware, this type of error occurs and your PC screen flashes with a notation of   


  • KMode Exception Not Handled

The user only encounters this type of errors at the time of uneven configuration of hard drives. The user should install the hard by following a few rules and regulations to avoid this kind of mistakes.

  • Divided By Zero Error

If the value of an executed windows program gets divided by zero, then the execution of that program creates a path for an infinite loop. The error occurs because of that loop, which does not support the application of which was executed by the system.

The actual Scenario of Blue Screen

When the system is going through the KMode type error, the PC will collapse, and it will shut down after displaying the blue screen.  According to many experts, the user shouldn’t leave the PC after the problem gets shorted. Your computer can go through some massive bad situations after it encounters that kind of errors.

  • Some data will be deleted after you restart your PC during the period of resolving the errors.
  • The system might encounter an infinite loop, which will reduce the efficiency of the PC
  •  The working power of RAM and ROM will decrease.
  • The user will get frustrated if the error takes place at the time of any necessary work.
  • The exceptional error will hit your PC, and it will disappear automatically 

So we have already discussed the prevention method of Kmode error. But sometimes this error brings various kinds of other issues. Everybody should maintain their machine. The user can eliminate the errors by following some simple rules and conditions. You can call on their helpline number and can do a Skype call. They will elaborate on the process of resolving the errors, and you can quickly recover your machine from that situation. Most of the experts say that the user should reinstall the original Windows version, which will automatically stop all errors. But sometimes the user doesn’t have the budget of buying a new software. So the easiest way is to follow the three methods to get rid of the KMode errors.

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