Pages Vs Word: Which One Is Better For You – Select The Perfect Writing Friend 

Pages and Words are like the giants of the Word processor world. Each of them has its unique function and features. This makes choosing between them quite confusing. Here in this article, we will look into the pros and cons of each of them along with which Word processor suits what kind of audience. 

Pages Vs Word: PC Users 

When you compare Pages and Word for PC users, it is important to understand the specific needs of the individual seeking an efficient Word processing tool. Here are the key considerations that you need to look at. 

  • Convenience: For macOS or iOS, Pages are more suitable as they integrate easily with the Apple applications. Pages are also a secure tool. If you are a Windows or Android user, then Word will be a better alternative for you because it will integrate with Microsoft applications and also comes with an auto-saving option. 
  • Pricing: If you’re using Pages, then it is free for iOS or Mac users. If you are a Windows user but have an Apple ID, then you can also use Pages for free. If you want to use Word, then you need to opt for a subscription or make a purchase as Word requires a license to run the tool. 

Previously, Apple Pages were a part of the iWork package, which one needs to buy separately. If you’re using Microsoft Word, then you can expect to pay a subscription fee of $99.99 every year, otherwise, you won’t be able to create any new documents. 

The best part of both applications is it is going to offer upgrades without any additional charge. So if you’re someone who has a tight budget, then Apple Pages will be the right choice for you. 

  • Template: With Microsoft Word, you will be provided with a lot of templates that start with the basics one to the creative ones. If you’re unable to find any particular template, then you can always get it from the web store for the application. 

With Apple pages, the templates are comparatively better for multiple reasons. To start with it has a decent inventory that has pretty amazing templates. The templates cover most of the basic and generic categories like resumes, reports, letters, events, stationery, flyers, posters, newsletters, certificates, books, etc, so in terms of templates, Apple pages win this category

  • Functionality: Even though Word is feature-rich, it is easier to use Pages. With Pages, all the formatting options are much simpler and it also comes with customizable templates. From a very young age, we have all used Microsoft Word, so it is very easy to use it. Just by learning a few tweaks, one can master the software. 

If you’re using Pages, then the learning curve will be greater. Sometimes you also may find it difficult to format the document with Pages. One challenge that most of the user faces is to create a Docx or Doc file. This is where the formatting becomes difficult and gets ruined. Even if you’re creating a neat document with Pages, it is going to look poorly formatted or untidy in Word. 

If you’re using Pages, then you will have to create a PDF document first, and then you have to convert it to Docx. So you have to keep a conversion tool handy. 

If you are considering this category, then if you are a creative person, it will be easy for you to adapt to Pages. For any average user, Microsoft Word will be simpler. 

  • Compatibility: Pages can edit the Word files, but Word cannot edit the Pages files. With Pages, you can easily export Word, PDF, et cetera, but Word only offers a few options. With Word you need One drive and Pages will require iCloud for syncing.
  • Cloud Access And Saving: Pages use iCloud which comes with 5GB of free space, whereas Word uses One Drive which comes with 15 GB of free space. 

It is important to have a backup of the document. Just in case anything goes wrong, you might end up losing the data. Fortunately, Pages and Words comes with an auto-saving option that will reduce the loss of work. Microsoft Word will save the document every two minutes and Apple Pages is going to save it every few seconds. Microsoft Word will provide you with a small disclaimer that will be present at the bottom that it is now saving the content of the document, but Apple Pages does not provide this disclaimer. 

One can see that Pages is proven to be better software as it saves data every few seconds, but one problem is, that it is quite tricky to recover the previous version of the document with Pages. For example, if you’re closing the document and reopening it, then you won’t be able to undo any changes that you have made, that you no longer need. 

The best thing about Pages is it works effortlessly with iCloud and whenever you are connecting the software with the iCloud account; it is going to automatically back up all the documents present in your iCloud. Even if you’re deleting the Pages document from the Mac, you can still recover them from iCloud.

Which application will be perfect for you will depend on your needs and preferences?   If you’re looking for an easy-to-use and simple application, then you should opt for Pages. If you’re looking for feature reach and a more powerful, Word-processing program then Word will be the better choice. 

Pages Vs Word: iPad Users 

If you are an iPad user, then it is important to have a comprehensive guide on the powerful Word processing tool between Pages and Word. Word processing tools are used for various tasks like writing essays, designing marketing material, or creating reports. Here are some of the differences that each of the programs has, and here are the key criteria to consider. 

  • Cost: Pages are free for iOS and macOS users. With Word, you need to make a one-time purchase or opt for a monthly subscription fee. 
  • Design: Pages come with a user-friendly and modern interface when compared to Word, which has a cluttered and traditional interface. 
  • Functionality: Pages have few features when compared to Word. But Pages is user-friendly and intuitive and comes with more themes and templates when compared to Word. Everything in Pages is customisable which makes it a more creative tool. Word offers few formatting styles when compared to Pages, but it is very easy to modify them and apply changes. 
  • Compatibility: Pages are compatible with macOS and iOS devices. Word is a cross-platform program that is available for Windows, Android devices, iOS, and macOS.

Best Word Processing Based On Needs 

The Word processing tool you are going to use will depend on your needs and preferences. 

  • If you are looking for a user-friendly and straightforward processing tool, then Pages will be a better option. 
  • If you’re looking for an application that is feature-packed and robust, having the additional benefit of sharing documents across different operating systems, then Word will be the suitable choice. 
  • For teachers and students, can opt for Microsoft Word without providing any additional cost through the educational institution. 
  • If you’re mindful of the budget, then Pages is a great choice as it is completely free of charge. 

User Reviews

The user reviews for Word and Pages will offer you valuable insight into the weaknesses and strengths of each software application. In the App Store, you can find a higher rating of Pages than the Word in the Microsoft Store. The average rating of pages is 4.8 stars out of 5 whereas it is 4.7 stars out of 5 on the Microsoft Store for Word. 

  • Pages: Pages have positive feedback because of their creativity, design, and ease of use. However, users have complained because of the compatibility issue with the Word documents, instability, and lack of advanced features in the application.
  • Word: There is positive feedback about Word based on functionality, professionalism, and compatibility. However, users have complained about the cluttered interface, complexity, and high price tag.

The user review of Word and Page reflects the strengths and weaknesses of the software program. A user who wants a simple, creative, and easy-to-use word-processing program should opt for Pages. Word will be a better choice for users who are looking for a feature-rich and powerful word-processing program that focuses solely on professionalism and compatibility.

Final Words

After going through this article, you will be able to understand which word-processing application will be perfect for your needs. Most people opt for free applications to avoid spending hefty money on word processing, but if you want your document to have more creativity, then it will be a worthy investment to opt for the subscription ones. Firstly, understand the type of work that you will need to do, and understand the learning graph required for each of the applications before you pick one of them.