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In the contemporary world of hyper-dynamic business environment, the need of collaborative work is a necessity as it not just improves operation efficiency but helps in cutting cost, saving time and most importantly the accountability. An effective file share is a must as everyone needs critical piece of information in time to take work forward and make decisions. Interestingly an efficient file-sharing tools helps you break the geographical barriers and build a truly global team to execute defined task. 

In file transfer a technology is used which copies file from source and moves the file from one device to another using the communication network. However, this technology has its own challenges like security, access restriction and the most importantly the file size. The evolution of mobile devices and diversification of need also are some of the challenges that needed immediate attention. To resolve these challenges of file transfer gave birth to Shareit in 2013. In short span of just 5-years it become one of the most popular application with more than 1.5 billion downloads across all types of operating systems. 

About Shareit 

Overcoming the safety issues attached with USB drives and slow speed of Bluetooth, Shareit uses   secure connection protocol based on Wi-Fi direct method for secure and faster file sharing. The application helps you transfer files at an amazing speed which can go up to 20 Mbp/s, almost 200 times faster than Bluetooth transfer. Imagine any type of file whether videos, photos, contacts, music, apps, Shareit helps you transfer it wirelessly between your Android, iOS or Window phones, Mac and Window personal computer (PC). It gives you the freedom to share files between any devices running on supported platforms.

The popularity of the application can be visualized from the fact that people from 45 linguistic backgrounds are using it globally. This application has Monthly Active Users (MAU) base of over 500 million. The highly simplistic user interface of Shareit allows you to share desired files in just 2-3 steps quickly. 

It uses the dual-channel transfer technology allowing multiple files transfer at a time. Interestingly, you can save time by using Shareit as it helps you share any type of files to more than one device at the same time. Unlike Bluetooth transfer which does not have the group transfer feature, this app helps you share file to multiple devices at a time. 

With the vision to make digital contents available equally to everyone, the Beijing based internet technology company has offices in Shanghai, New Delhi and Bangalore with a business network in over 200 countries.  The company is of the view that Shareit a high-quality content platform where it connects “users and contents”. 

The fast-growing app has recently been ranked no.7 as the most downloaded app of 2018 on iOS and Google Play. It has acquired India’s no.1 OTT platform FastFilmz in 2018. 

You can download Shareit in your Android, iOS, Window mobile phones and Window PC and Mac PC following simple steps and activate the application to start sharing file sharing smoothly on the go, between your devices.

Shareit – Download SHAREit App for Android, PC, and iOS


Shareit Features 

1. Technology 

This app uses secure connection protocol based on Wi-Fi direct method resolving the challenge of the slowness of Bluetooth and safety of USB device. It solves users’ all file sharing needs by enabling fast file transfer with a transfer rate of 200 Mbp/s, almost 2000 times faster than Bluetooth. 

The technology is fully customized to support all type of files of all sizes. It gives you an option to use a pre-integrated video player. You can use Shareit if you to enjoy the music on the go. 

This application gives you an option to connect your smartphone to your PC. Interestingly, this will help you manage your PC from your mobile device.  

Shareit shares files without compromising the quality of your video or music format, as in the case of Bluetooth. Shareit has a video player compatible for all types of video and audio formats. You won’t have to install any other player. If your device has some issues regarding video format, then this app will solve your problem. 

2. Usability 

This app has been designed perfectly to offer the best user interface with simplicity. This app is used by more than 1.5 billion people globally to share file across devices using the Wi-Fi network. It has been custom programmed to fit your device operating system. The universality of file formats is really a very user-friendly application. 

The simplicity in use is the key of Shareit. Once installed all you have to do is select “send”. It opens your file sources to select file or files and select the connected device. On the other end, the user simply accepts the ‘receiving’ note and file is shared at fast speed via Wi-Fi without going into the cloud.  

In the case of Apple devices, Shareit keeps files in the app folder as iOS doesn’t grant access to file system barring the media gallery. The Android version gives you an option to choose the storage location. Additionally, you get the remote-view file, stream photos and one-touch photo backup in Android devices. 

The Share Zone feature in the app allows you to share your files with friends making it open to access to all your friends in the zone.  You will have access to files of your friends shared in the zone. 

3. Package 

The Shareit not only just gives you the world’s best file transfer tool but you get best video player took compatible for all formats. You get access to the infinite pool of online videos and a great music player with cool collection of songs from across the world. You get the vast list of trending music which you could access with all possible filters to get what you desire. 

4. Safety 

Since it doesn’t use cloud and files are saved directly in your device it is perfectly secure to send file using Shareit. For android users, this application has a utility app called CLONEit making it possible for you to officially clone all your available data on phone in a few minutes. 

Download SHAREit for Android 

If you want to download Shareit for your mobile, the Shareit APK latest version is available for free download for your Android device. In latest update, the app has changed the way you share videos, music, and apps from one device to another enabling cross-platform share easily and smoothly that too at super fast speed. 

The 200X mile transfers speed that too without consuming any data, makes Shareit for Android the best choice to fulfill all your transfer requirements. So, how to download Shareit for Android phone?

Steps to Download Shareit APK for Android 

  • First of all, you have to download SHAREit APK for Android here.
  • To do that, you have to Go to Settings > Security > Device Management > Toggle on ‘Unknown Sources’.
  • Download APK File which is of 14.5 MB.
  • Just open the downloaded SHAREit APK file and grant all possible permissions to move ahead to install.
  • Once the installation is done, you are all set to start file sharing.  

The GPS enabled updates to allow you to build better connection and share files across different operating systems and devices. You know about features of Shareit, give it a try and you will definitely fall in love it forever. 

Download SHAREit for PC  

Mobile devices have changed the dynamism of sharing as video, photo and music replaced hardcore content of business nature. If you are looking for a highly efficient yet simple to use application interface for your PC then download Shareit for PC. The PC version supports all Window versions starting from XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. This easy to use PC version allows you to share files of any kind from one PC to another at an amazingly high speed with a speed. You won’t have to worry about format of your file as it supports all formats. 

Here are the simple steps to download Shareit for Window 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & XP PC; 

Steps to download Shareit for PC

  • Download EXE File of Shareit.
  • The new versions support all existing Window versions.
  • Just install the file on your PC. 
  • Once done with the installation process, you have to provide some information to create an account. 
  • All you have to do now is run the app, wait for the few seconds and start using the Shareit for file transfers between your PC and other devices.

This program allows you to share all types of the file at an amazing speed of 20 Mbp/s without diluting the quality of the content. All possible format of file is supported and the new GPS enabled tech allows you to connect better with sharing points. In addition to that, you get access to video and music player to give with a vast pool of content to enjoy. 

The all new PC version, interestingly, allows you to sync contacts and supports anonymous and secure messaging. 

There is no reason to say No to this file transfer technology. You are safe, secure and perfectly optimized to enhance your file sharing experience. 

Download SHAREit for iOS  

If you are an Apple fan, then Shareit is perfect file sharing app for your Apple devises running on iOS. This enhances your file sharing experience across all platforms and devices. You won’t have to worry about the file format if you have downloaded Shareit for iPhone you will enjoy the smoothness of transfer from one device to another at a blazing speed. Overcoming all the challenges of security, file-size, and speed, Shareit developed the app with a mission to make file transfer as easy as it could be. 

With over 1.5 billion downloads and consistently maintaining a position among top 10 downloads in App Store, Shareit is most favoured file transfer app of Apple device users. Interestingly, it is not just file transfer; you get a choice to watch videos online and to listen to music online. 

  • Steps to Download Shareit for iOS.
  • First thing first, you have to download Shareit iOS File for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.
  • Tap the downloaded file and initiate the installation process. 
  • One tap for final ‘Install’ command.
  • You have to give permission to proceed so that the installation process could start. 
  • Once the permission is granted, Shareit will get installed in the few seconds. 
  • You are ready to use the app and start the file transfers at lightning speed. 


In personal as well in professional life we need to transfer file on a regular basis. The experience of Bluetooth and USB devices made it a painful process due to various reasons.  The arrival of Shareit made it extremely simple and smooth to share file at an amazingly high speed of 20 Mbp/s. The most noteworthy point is that the quality of the file in not diluted as was the case with Bluetooth transfers. This app helps you have time and energy, which you could enjoy for better recreational purposes. This app is a perfect package, apart from the world-class file transferring interface, it gives you access to unlimited quality video and music content. 

Personal experience of using Shareit suggests that it is a perfect balance technology, usability and of course security. One simple user survey will of 100 people rated it 4.8 with a strong recommendation to download Shareit by 94 people. The latest upgrades, now made it even easier for cross-platform file sharing with added speed and no need of active data. If you are looking for a great file transfer tool in your device which supports all kind of formats and acts faster, then you won’t have to look beyond Shareit.   

There is no doubt that you will fall in love with it on day one, and you will download it in your all devices making a perfect united system for perfection in delivery and execution. Download Shareit and share your experience. 

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