{Daily Update} Windows 8.1 Product Key, Serial Number With Activation Methods

Finding Out Your Product Key for Windows 8 and 8.1

Most of the operating systems including Windows 8 and other software as well do require a certain entry called product keys. These keys are unique for each operating system. They are also known as serial numbers while installation. When a person is half-way in the process of re-installing their Windows 8, they will see that a certain product key is required for the continuation of its installation.

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Where is the Windows 8 Activation Key Located?

When a person purchases the Windows cd, the product key will usually be with the email that they have received. This is similar even for Windows 8. The Windows 8.1 product key does come along with the email after the person purchases it for download. It also can come in the box which consists of the disk while purchasing along with the packaging. In any case, if Windows 8 does come along pre-installed on the user’s computer then the product key can be found on the sticker on the said computer. The product key may also be present in the necessary documentation.

Fortunately, if, the person cannot find their said documentation of the Windows 8 product key then, they can still extract it from the Windows registry. This can be done with the help of something known as the product key finder. The product key finder is a particular program which helps the user in finding their product keys. It is considered to be a quick process and does not take more than 15 minutes. It is important to note that the product key finder program will only consider your Windows 8 key valid if the said Windows is working and installed, and if the person has manually entered the product key in some installation done previously.

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How to find your Windows 8 or 8.1 product key / Serial Key?

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Let us look into the steps how a user can find their Windows 8.1 product key, no matter whichever edition of Windows they are using. The steps include the following:

  • Download Belarc Advisor: The first step that is involved in finding the said product key for your Windows 8 or 8.1 is by downloading the Belarc Advisor. This particular program is available for free in PCs and is considered to be an audit program which supports Windows 8 and all of its functions to the fullest in the form of a key finder tool. It is unfortunate, however, that the user cannot manually locate the product key for the Windows 8 in the said registry. This is one of the reasons why such a program like Belarc Advisor needs to be used. There are various other free key finder tools that are available similar to that of Belarc Advisor. However, it is advised that users do try out this particular program because it has been known to correctly find out the product keys for Windows 8. It can be noted that any such product key finder which advisor support for Windows 8.1 or Windows 8 can be used. It can also be used for the Windows 8 Pro
  • Install Belarc Advisor: The next step that is involved with regard to finding your product key for the said Windows 8 or 8.1 is by installing the said program Belarc Advisor. The user needs to follow the given instructions that are present during the installation process. It is important to note here that if the user does choose to use a different key finder then, they should know that some of these key finders are supported by other optional add-ons To make sure that these optional add-on programs are not installed along with this particular Belarc Advisor, the user needs to uncheck these options while installing the said program. However, if the user wants to install this other add-on then they are free to do so. A few of them do not even require installation.
  • Run Belarc Advisor: The third step that is involved in finding out your Windows 8 or 8.1 products key is by running the said program Belarc Advisor. It is important to note that the initial analysis will take a tad bit longer. The user should note the Windows 8.1 product key that is displayed in the software license section. The product key in regards to Windows 8 is a series of around 25 letters including numbers and should look in this way: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx.
  • The next step that is involved in regards to finding your Windows 8.1 product key is by writing down the key in regards to your Windows 8. The user should write down the key in the exact form as shown during use while re-installing Windows 8. It is pertinent to note that each and every number and letter is written by the user exactly in the form it is shown. If one of the digits is not transcribed correctly then, the key will fail to work while re-installing Windows 8.

More Windows 8 product key ideas

As stated above if, Belarc Advisor does not find the product key for your Windows 8 then; the user can try other key finders like Magical Jelly Bean key finder or license crawler. There are two more choices that are available to the users if, they were unsuccessful in finding out the Windows 8 product key with the help of key finders. The choices include:

  1. The user can request a replacement product key. The user can also purchase a completely new copy of the Windows 8 or 8.1 from famous retailers online. They do come along with a new and valid Windows 8.1 product key. It is important to know that requesting for a replacement of the said product key will be much cheaper than buying a completely new copy of Windows 8. If the replacement does not work out, then the user will have no choice but to buy a completely new copy Windows 8 or 8.1.

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Now that you know how to use a Windows 8.1 product key, things will be easier for you.

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