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By | June 29, 2019

Find Windows 8 Product Key 2019 For Free Below

Just like any other operating systems and software, Windows 8 too requires the entry of a unique set of numbers. They are also known as serial keys or a product key, to unlock the software during installation of it. Normally, while installing the software a product key is required to be input when halfway through. Without which, a software does not receive its license and shall not be deemed to be authorized. In addition, failing to provide a product key hampers the progress and use of particular software. Apart from which, the user might face various issues regarding security, help support and inability to access various features of the product. It is a mandate to provide a Windows 8 Product Key when installing the software.

Are you looking for a way to find Windows 8 Pro Product Key? Let us guide you through it.

windows 8 serial Number

Please note that one can find a Windows 8 Activation Key in the following corresponding to whichever edition of Windows 8 in use. Proceed with the following instructions:

  • The first step is to download Belarc Advisor

The Belarc Advisor is an audit program that is free for personal computers. It supports all functions and is a key finder tool for Windows 8. Please note that manually locating the Windows 8 Pro Serial Key in the registry is not possible. That is why it is advisable to use a program like the Belarc Advisor.

List of product key finder:

  1. Keyfinder Thing
  2. License Crawler
  • Magical Jellybean Keyfinder
  • The second step is to install Belarc Advisor

The installation process of the program is just like the usual. Locate the file and install it manually. If you are to choose a different key finder please note that there are some additional add-ons. It is necessary for you to check and select the add-ons you require before installing it.

  • The third step is to Run the Belarc Advisor

The initial analysis may take some time but once done one has to run the program after installation. The Windows 8 Product Key is displayed in the Software Licenses section.

Note: The Windows 8 Product Key is a combination series of twenty-five unique letters and numbers that are displayed like ‘xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx’.

  • This is the last and the most important step where one has to input the serial numbers as it is. It is important to note that each & every letter and number should be input accurately in the respective places. If by any chance a single number or a letter is input incorrectly then the key disables and one cannot reinstall the Windows 8.

It is understandable if a user does not opt for a separate program to work activate their software for activation. Sometimes it is the other way round when the program itself fails to find the key. When this occurs, one can simply choose to use a different key finder like the Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder to find their required keys. However, if the process of finding a Windows 8 Product Key via these key finders, one can opt for another way. There are two ways, from where one can choose to acquire their product keys or the unique activation serial numbers, they are:

  • First option: One can purchase a new one from retailers or online sellers like Amazon. They shall provide you with a new set of unique numbers to activate your software. One shall face no doubt as for the product keys provided by the retailers on the purchase of new Windows 8 Product Key because they are valid and unused.
  • Second option: one can request for a replacement of the existing Windows 8 Product Key that is not functional for some reason. However, please note that requesting for a replacement of the Windows 8 Product Key is a costly affair. It is rather a better option not to request a replacement but to purchase a brand new Windows 8 Product Key. Requesting a replacement is quite a hazard as it is time-consuming and will need many formalities to attend to apart from the costs that the process will bear.

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Where is the Windows 8 Product Key located?

It is not a hard task to find the Windows 8 Activation Number. Normally a product key is provided to the user or the buyer via email. The sellers or providers of the Windows 8 Serial Number shall email the buyer the unique set of numbers. Once the transaction of purchase has been completed the user shall receive the user shall receive the mail having the numbers. If a user does not find it or fail to receive the mail then it can be found on the packaging of the Windows 8 Key Gen carrying the disc. It is usually inside the disc package of the product purchased.

Sometimes a personal computer comes with pre-installed software that only requires activation via inputting the unique set of numbers. A user can find a unique set of numbers in the documentation of the purchase of the personal computer. If the product key has not been mentioned in the documentation then one shall find it on a sticker like a thing on the personal computer. On removal of which, one shall find the Windows 8 pro serial number or any other key that they have chosen to be installed.

Working List of Windows 8.1 Product key


Windows 8 Product Key Free



List of Windows 8 Pro Activation Key



Please note that if a user fails to find the product key in the documentation or on the said stickers then they can be extracted from the Windows 8 registry. We have already mentioned where and how to find the product key via key finders. It all comes to a circle of activities that link each other somehow. It is like when one door closes a new one opens and every process is linked to one another. The process of locating the key finder and acquiring the product key is simple and takes hardly ten to fifteen minutes to process.

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Note: A users product key finder program shall help find the product key only if the operating system, like Windows 8 here in question, is valid. If the operating system software is pirated or invalid, one shall face rejection to process the product key finder program to acquire the keys. Here is the list of guideline to fix common errors which occurs in Windows 8:

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