How to find if I have 32-bit or 64-bit Office Version?

Modern devices like computers or laptops always prefer to use the latest techniques and systems. There are hardly any devices that will follow the traditional method of working. The new ones are much faster and trendier at the same time. It also helps to complete the work in a short time. When we are talking about the versions it is seen that Office 2010 is the first version office with the native 64-bit version, but by default most of the users use 32-bit version in Office 2010. The users should make it correct. On the other side, the user should be well aware of which version is compatible with their device or machine. The user must understand it equally that which version is best for them.  However, there are several ways and steps by which one can find 32 bit or 64-bit office version on their device. Let’s have a small discussion on it.

How to find if I have 32-bit or 64-bit Office Version?

How to find if I have 32bit or 64bit Office Version

  • The first thing should begin with any of the office applications. In this case, it may be Microsoft Word. People may also use applications like MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, etc. It solely depends upon the discretion and wish of the user.
  • Soon the user will find that on the top ribbon there are ample scopes. So, now he should click on the file tab. Just have a look at the below picture that is given.

File tab

  • Now on the left-hand side, the user should click on the Account option. Below is the image that has been provided to make the thing clear.


  • Now in the right-hand side, the user should click on the question (?) mark.  As here Microsoft word is being used so the descriptive text of the button will be all about word. If other types of applications are being used then in such a case the descriptive text will be also different. This is quite natural. However, it not matter or affects in any way.

About Word

  • At last, see the version of the office that has been used or applied. The user will be really amazed or surprised to see the changes that have been applied. The following image that is provided below will make the whole thing clear before the user. It will be exciting to see the changes. 

see the version of Office

In case if the user accidentally installs a 32 bit on 64 bit and the same is done, then the installer will be intimated about it. In most of the cases it has been noticed that the default set up for office 2010 will install the 32-bit version. 

In fact, there ample reasons for choosing the 64-bit version by most of the users. It will be really interesting to know about the amazing facts. 

  • Firstly, if the user is working with large data like the enterprise-scale Excel workbooks with complex calculations or power pivot or 3D Map or power view, then this is the best option as it will be much faster and the performance is much better at the same time. 
  • Even if the user is working extremely large picture videos or animations mainly in the powerpoint, then it is best to use 64-bit version as they are much good in handling these slide decks very easily. They are, in fact, of with all these things.
  • If the file of the project is about 2GB then it is best to apply the 64-bit version. They are also good at handling several sub-projects. 
  • On the other side, if the user is using any type of in house office solutions then it is good to use 64-bit version. It will help to deliver error-free work. On the other part, the developers of the in-house solution should have the actual access to the 64-bit version. It is mainly used for testing and updating the solutions easily.
  • Many times it is seen that the user is working with large number of data type in access and if the data type is supported by 32-bit version then there may be some unexpected error. So, in such a situation, it is better to use 64-bit version. A 64-bit version will always support large numbers that are quite good. Most of the IT professionals are very particular about choosing the right type of versions for their work. Some support 32-bit version while the majority of the employees support 64-bit version. There are various suggestions regarding both the versions. It mainly depends upon the person or the employee with which they are comfortable. But without these versions, it is quite tough to complete any type of project.  No matter whether it is small or big. A good version is always required. 
  • With the growing number of 64-bit users, there have been new amendments in 32 versions. The user can now easily continue with the 32 bit OLE Server application with 32 version bit installed in the device. There is no such problem in it. Even now the datasheet can be edited with the proper application of the 32-bit version. It will give a good performance at the same time. The new amendment in the 32-bit version is just a great one for the professionals. 

With the introduction of new things work has become much simpler and smoother for the people. Earlier it used to take a long time for completing a single work. But with the passage of time, everything is working well. Most of the big projects are being handled in a unique way. It is assisting the employees to present error-free work to the clients. There has been wide development in the IT sector. Good job opportunities have been created as a result of this. It is also expected that there will be some more development and introduction of new policies and systems that will give new hopes and aspirations before the professionals. 

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