Microsoft EXCEL 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 Product Keys & Easy Activation Methods in 2024

Microsoft office is one of the best and most used applications in this professional world. No corporate work can be done without the help of this software. The product key or serial key is a unique number with which you can activate your office suite. After activating your office application, you can easily use the services of the MS Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, and many other applications. The organization of Microsoft has updated its services with the new versions. They have different formats for different 64 and 32-bit Windows OS. You can install after checking all the specifications of your computer. Here are a few processes to activate the product key for various versions of office excel.

Microsoft EXCEL 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 Activation Keys & Easy Methods

Microsoft EXCEL 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 Product Keys & Easy Activation Methods

#1. Microsoft EXCEL 2007 

This is the version which was released after Microsoft 2003. It was launched on the date of 30th January 2007. It is an updated version of office excel 2003. Making a chart, tallying them and using the basic formulas is very easy in this application. The format of the application also looks better than the previous version of the EXCEL. 

Obtaining the new activation key

If you are on a mission to find the product key or the activation key for the excel 2007 format, you can easily contact the helping executives of the United States. The helpline number is 1-800-936-5700. In most cases, they ask for three things which are- 

  •   The product’s unique registration ID
  •   The CD-ROM of the product
  •   The specifications of the computer in which you are trying to install the software

But according to most of the customers, the executives suggest buying a new one. They say no for the old activation key.

Microsoft Excel 2007 Activation Key






Microsoft Excel 2007 Product Key





Process of finding the serial code so that you can activate the activation key

Recovering the activation key is the best decision made by any user. If you are thinking to pay for another one, you are just wasting your money. There are a few simple steps to recover the serial number for the activation key. 

  • Just download a free version of 2007 excel activation key on your own PC and just run the software after the installation process is completed.
  • After that, the best possible option is to download a Product key recovery so that you can find the serial number of the activation key. (The product key is also known as the activation key. Both are the same.)
  • When the download completes, click on the option named “get key” and you can find the much-awaited old serial number of your activation key. The recovery application scans the whole hardware and then it will display the serial number for a very small time.  Just copy the serial number or note it down. 
  • You can also save your activation key by clicking the save option in a “text” format. 

The MS excel 2007 activation key will also work as a product key for office word. There are 25 digits in this serial code.

#2. Microsoft Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel 2010 is the most used office software. This software is so user-friendly that you can easily make any kind of office projects or documents with the help of this application. It includes office tasks like creating an important client spreadsheet, doing some complex addition, subtraction or multiplications or making a format for the shopkeeper. 

There are few specifications which are required to install this kind of application in your PC-

  •   It is only compatible with Windows Win 7, XP SP2, Win 10 and Win 8.
  •   512 MB RAM is important to run this version of the office application
  •   The processor should be of 1GHz or higher than that for any kind of contact manager of the business. 
  •   The resolution of the PC should be 1024×768. 

The application is so simple that you can easily free the activation key in few steps which are: 

  • Just download the activation key of office 2010 from any trusted websites link. Just verify the website closely and check if it is fake or not. 
  • After the download completes, run the administrator
  • Open the window of administrator and click on the option which depicts the generation of the product key.  (product key and activation key are the same things)
  • The serial number of the activation key will flash on your screen, copy the serial number and save that on a “text “format.
  • Paste the activation key in the appropriate box of the application and click on the ok button.
  • Now, reboot your PC.
  • Your PC is ready to get the services of the applications

Working List of Microsoft Excel 2010 Activation Key






Microsoft Excel 2010 Product Key & Serial Numbers






The advantages of the activation key of office EXCEL 2010

  • The software is very user-friendly and very simple.
  • The application has a feature of straightforwardness and it also has an authentic storage capacity of different files
  • After activating this application, you can easily email any information or file to anywhere you like.
  • You can upload your emergency and important files to your personal cloud by logging in on it. 
  • The application is different from other software because it has a new feature of autosaving
  • The activation key guarantees a lifetime service of office EXCEL 2010. 
  • Slicer and sparklines are the new things which will help you to add some extra summery and some few more significant details. 
  • They have also added an extra-large paste button which will save your time and energy while doing a strenuous and important job.

These are the few added advantages of office EXCEL 2010 which differentiates from other versions. This version is very popular among the masses, because of its simplicity. 

#3. Microsoft EXCEL 2013

If your planning to have the services of Office EXCEL 2013, you should buy or subscribe to the activation key of this version. This is a little updated version of Office EXCEL 2013.  The activation key of this version also works for other different application of office EXCEL which are PowerPoint presentations, Public Brochures, Flyers, Envelops, PDF Files and word files. The main important thing is to get the activation key of the Office  2013.

 Activation Key

If you are buying the original version of the office EXCEL 2013, you will get the unique serial number which is known as the product key. The activation key is also known as the product key. The main reason behind plugging an activation key is to maintain the main some privacy with security. 

There were few allegations on the software for not stopping frauds. The design format of the activation key is very poor, so hacking the software is getting very easier. Every user should know that cracking any software of Microsoft office 2013 is a crime.

The method to have the activation key for the Office EXCEL 2013 

You can save a few minutes by copying and pasting the activation key of the relevant box of the application. So to activate the product just copy the unique 25 digits serial number. One of the keys will work for your PC. If none works just update the MS Toolkit2.6. 

Microsoft Excel 2013 Activation Key






Microsoft Excel 2013 Product Key & Serial Number






The fundamental steps to activate the office EXCEL 2013

  • You should remove all the other previous versions of office  from your PC
  • After uninstalling the old versions of the application just get the new version which is named as Microsoft office Professionals Plus 2013.
  • Run the software after the installation process finishes. 
  • You should switch off all your internet connection which is attached to your PC before you run the application.
  • Just use any kind of activation keys which are available on the internet
  • The main part is to copy the serial code and paste it on the registration box of the application. Pasting the serial key will save your time and you will not find the hazard. Typing the whole key may give you an error. 
  • After putting the key just go to the wizard of activation and choose the option named Phone Activation. You must select a country over there to continue the activation process.
  • It was the last step, now you can use the services of Office EXCEL 2013 and other office software.
  • You can contact the helping executive of office by dialing the helpline number through Skype.
  • You can also get to know the benefits of using this Office software and you will also get the installation ID of this application.
  • The last two steps are the simple steps of activating this application. After contacting the office executives, you will get an ID of confirmation. This will activate the product and you can also change your product key of office 2013.

Advantages of the activation key 2013

The main reason for using the activation key is that it keeps all your important and urgent files safe and secure. It is difficult for anyone to break the protocols of the application and enter someone’s own profile. The activation key or product key will also save your application from any virus or malware. You can also use this application to make and save some digital records, virtual files, and documents. It also has an auto saving format which is pretty similar to the office EXCEL 2010.

#4. Microsoft EXCEL 2016

Office EXCEL 2016 is the most updated and leading application of the world which is used to make any kind of official documents including PDF, Word, Outlook, etc. This version of office EXCEL has a very classy look and it also has access to the Onedrive. You can easily save your work on your Onedrive account and then you can operate the file from any other PC which supports the office EXCEL 2016.  

Process of activating the Microsoft EXCEL 2016 

If you want to use, activate the application, you need an original and authentic activation key. If you don’t use a proper key you may get a note stating “product key is not working”. The product key is also known as the activation key. 

There are a few steps to activate the product key. Which are-

  • Just download the software named Microsoft Office 2016 to get the full service of office with Excel
  • After that, run the setup files on your PC.
  • Complete the installation process by reading all the information which appears in the dialogue box.
  • Switch of the internet connection of your computer
  • The last step is to put the activation key on your application. 

Now, we will discuss the process to activate the application without using a product key

You must download the free versions of the office 2016 which are 

  •   MA Office 2016 Personal Plus
  •   MS Office 2016 Standard

There are a few simple steps to activate the application without using the activation key or the product key.

  • Just open the access page of the application and copy the code which is on it.
  • Click to open a text document and paste the code.
  • Save the file with a name of “1click.cmd”.
  • After saving the file right click on it and select the option “Run as administrator”.
  • Wait for a moment as the command prompt does its job.

Microsoft Excel 2016 Activation Key




Microsoft Excel 2016 Product Keys & Serial Number




Recovery of Activation key of EXCEL 2016

If you want to recover the lost activation key, you need to download a tool of product key recovery. The application is PassFab Product key Recovery. This software will scan all the software of your computer and will flash the old activation key on your screen. Just copy and save that on a word file.

We have discussed all the activation key of all the versions which are named as EXCEL 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016. The process of activating the EXCEL is almost the same for all these versions. But you should keep in mind that cracking any office product of 2013 is a criminal offense.  Office EXCEL 2010 is the most user-friendly version of office EXCEL. But sometimes, you should try the 2016 version because it is more safe and secure. If you are paying for this version’s activation key, then you will get some premium advantages.  

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