Fix This: Your DNS Server Might be Unavailable in Windows 8, 8.1, 10

Are you experiencing any kind of problem regarding your internet connection? There is no proper internet connection even if the Windows 8, 8.1, 10 has been upgraded. It may be really a very serious problem that might be faced by most of the people. Unavailability of DNS server is mainly caused due to the incorrect server address configuration. In the world of computer networking DNS or Domain Name System is a very important element as it mainly solves the human readable domain names into machine readable IP names. In fact, if you are really struggling with the issue of DNS server that often remains available in windows 8, 8.1 and 10 then there are some perfect remedies. You should know these remedies very well.

Internet connection is a mandatory one in every place for checking various types of important mails or while browsing stuffs. Keeping this in mind Windows 8, 8.1 has been so beautifully designed so that it can work perfectly in any device. People use various modes to get connected with internet. Sometimes they use routers, sometimes dongles etc. In each case they want to get uninterrupted service from such devices and this is quite normal. If users incur any such problems they can follow some easy steps to solve the issues at the initial level.

Basic Software Repair Tools:

It can be well said in this context that in case of any type of software issues a person should,

  1. Download the repair tool from It is a very good site. You can even completely rely on this site to solve the computer related issues.
  2. Once you have completed downloading the repair tool simply click on “start scan” and find out any type of PC issues. This is such a tool that will immediately detect any type of problems in computer.
  3. Now click on “Repair All” to fix any type of repairing issues. If there is any type of minor errors then it will be solved instantly and you will be able to carry your work.

These are some of the basic steps that can be followed while solving any kind of PC issues or problems. If however, it is not solved then you can go for other options.

Valid reasons regarding DNS problems:

Sometimes you may notice that various type of DNS alerts in your PC. While dealing with any type of DNS issues you should act very promptly for restoring and trouble short the internet connections. The alert that will be displayed in your computer while browsing the screen will simply imply that something is not working properly and you cannot connect the internet until and unless the problem is fixed. DNS problems become so severe that it may restrain you from getting easily connected with the internet.

What are most common issues that can be faced by a user if DNS server remains unavailable?

  • If the message that DNS is unavailable in your internet then it is simply best to wait for some time and then again try to connect with the internet. There may be some issues that may take time.
  • It is such an unlikely error that you may have to get connected with to a different DNS on a temporary basis.
  • Sometimes the DNS may not be properly configured. In such a situation always try to configure the DNS properly.
  • DNS server timed out is another issue that may restrict your PC to reach the DNS server.
  • There are many people who usually complain that DNS sever is disconnected. This problem is mainly related with both your internet connection and configuration.
  • If it reflects on the PC screen that DNS server is unavailable then it is also best to check that whether the DNS address is correct or not.

Steps to be followed in order to fix DNS server issues in Windows 8, 8.1 and 10:

Here are some important steps that must be followed for solving the issue of DNS available. You should be very accurate in following the steps. If one is not applicable then it is for sure the other ones will be easily effective on your PC. Now let’s have a small discussion on it.

1. If you are seriously facing the problem of DNS unavailable then you should first reset your router. This is the most important step that is mainly availed by users. Simply unplug the router and then reconnect the router cable or press the reset button on the router. You can also reset your computer for better performance. Wait for 60-90 seconds then again start the work. If there is any minor issue then the problem can be permanently solved. But if it happens again then there might be some sever issues. This is the first and initial step that is mainly adapted by most of the users. If it remains unsuccessful then other options are taken.

2. If you are using more than one security tool in your device then you can easily face the problem of DNS alert. It happens only due to incompatibility issues. So it is best to uninstall or delete other additional security platforms and keep only one antivirus in your device. It will function more effectively. There are ample people who have complained against Avast anti-virus program. If you are also using the same and facing the common problem, then remove it and see whether the problem is solved or not. Always prefer to use good quality anti-virus applications. They will perform well and will also assist you to carry your work more efficiently. Even there are many people who have reported that after disabling of firewall the problem has been totally solved. You can also try for the same option in order to get better performance.

3. Each and every window system has their own inbuilt troubleshooter. If you run such a troubleshooter then you can easily detect the problem and fix the issue. This type of network troubleshooter is best for those who are new and do not know how to handle the situation manually. The process of operating troubleshooter is quite simple in the device. First, go to the start screen and now point your mouse to the upper-right corner of the screen until and unless a search box appears. Once it appears to type the network troubleshooter and follow the steps accordingly.

4. By flushing the DNS you can fix the problem rightly. There are some steps that need to be followed for flushing DNS.

    1. Click on the start screen to commence the whole process of DNS flushing.
    2. Now press Windows Key+ R
    3. There will be a run box that will be displayed. Now simply type cmd.exe and click on the OK button.
    4. On the cmd windows, you can also type the following commands like ipconfig/ flushdns, ipconfig/renew etc.


5. If you are repeatedly observing or receiving that DNS server might be unavailable then you should immediately fix the problem by using the netsh command. The process is very simple and easy. Just follow these simple steps.

    • First press Windows Key+ X to open Win + X menu. Now select command prompt from the menu. If it is unavailable then opt for the PowerShell.
    • The moment Command Prompt opens enter netsh int ip reset.  Now press Enter to run the command successfully.
    • If the command is completed then simply check whether the problem is diminished or not.

netsh int ip reset

6. The error message that DNS is unavailable may be noticed if the IP address is not set manually. It is best to set the IP address manually. To do this you should following some steps.

    • Click on the Windows Key+ R and enter ncpa.cpl. Now press either Enter or OK.
    • Try to locate your network connection by right clicking it and then choose on the Properties.
    • The moment Properties windows open select the internet Protocol versions and again click on the Properties button.
    • Use the General Tab and enter the desired IP address. Once it is put click on the Enter or OK button. If you are not aware about the correct values you can also check the network configuration on your device. Once you complete these steps you will notice that the problem is diminished.

use the following IP address option

7. There are many users who is of the opinion that the message” DNS is unavailable “mainly appears if the DNS is manually configured. To solve this problem you should set your DNS to automatic. It is very simple and you can easily do it by following some simple steps.

    • First, select the option of Obtain DNS server address automatically and click on the OK button.
    • Then simply select the Internet Protocol Version 6 and click on the OK button on properties.
    • Again select the Obtain DNS server address automatically and again click on the OK button to save the changes.

So once the DNS server address is set automatically you can resolve the problem completely.

8. By manually setting the DNS you can also fix the problem of DNS unavailable very easily. To do this you should first:

    • Select and use the following DNS server addresses.
    • You can enter as a preferred DNS server and as an alternated DNS server.
    • Now click OK to save the changes accordingly.
    • Further, if you have recently installed any type of anti-virus or firewall software then it is best to disable it completely. Sometimes such software’s are noted to create DNS issues.
    • If there is any type of proxy server then it should also be disabled. Proxy connections are always presumed to create a lot of problems in DNS. To stop the Proxy connections you need to simply open internet options. Open RUN and type inetcpl.cpl and press enter. Internet options will be opened. Now go to the Connections Tab and double click on the LAN settings. Now uncheck everything except the automatically detect settings. Now click on the Save settings. Once it is done, Restart the computer. It is expected that you will not experience any type of DNS issues in the future.

9. The most important thing that must also be said is that you should also check that your PC is properly connected. No matter whether you are using a router or some modern devices. Always cross check before you connect it with your PC. There are many who do not connect the PC with the router and always complain about various problems. Sometimes both the router and other similar devices may face issues that may hamper your internet connection. So it is always best to check the connection prior to the work. It is always good for the device.

10. On the other hand, you can also repair the corrupted files on the system. Computer errors are mainly caused due to the missing and corrupted files. If you run the SFC files then the problem can be cured. It will instantly restore the missing files and then fix the various issue regarding DNS problem and similar other problems. It can be tried once for getting good results.

The present world is fully dependent on an internet connection. Rather a good internet connection is a common necessity. If there is any such error message regarding internet connection then it is highly a confusing matter. Even for many, it is an irritating one. If the above-mentioned steps are followed then it is expected that the problem can be resolved very easily. It may happen several times that after the prolonged effort you are not able to solve the DNS issues and so it creates a lot of problem in your work. Now there are some quick and efficient steps that will help you to solve the DNS issues instantly and you can work efficiently.

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